7 Things To Consider Before You Travel to an International Destination!

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International trips are always exciting. After all, it does bring in a certain sense of euphoria and joy. However, it can also give rise to anxiety if you are not a frequent traveller or you are travelling for the first time to a foreign location.

Here’s the checklist to consider before you travel abroad:

Check the Relative Value of the Foreign Currency

In order to get a fair idea on how much money to carry along, you’ll have to check the relative value of the foreign currency beforehand. You can get the real time figures through currency converter – A calculator that is designed to convert one currency into another.

Before you Travel, Register With Your Embassy

Register your trip with your country’s embassy before departing to the destined country. Having your presence known, it will allow the consular officers to get in touch with you in case of any emergency. Besides, they can even assist in times of natural calamities.

Go Immunize Yourself

Based on the country you visit, you’ll require immunizations. For instance, if you are travelling to certain nations in South America, Africa or Central America, you will need the yellow fever vaccination. So, make sure you visit the doctor 4 to 6 weeks before your scheduled departure. While travelling, carry your immunization book with you.

Get the Exact Change for the Country Entry/Exit Fees

Check the destined country’s entrance as well as exit fees because in some of the countries a visitor has to pay when he/she enters and/or exit the country. Moreover, the amount is not included in the price of your airline ticket. Therefore, make sure you check the fees well in advance so that you can calculate the foreign exchange rates and get the exact change handy.

Visa Visa Visa

There are countries where you have to apply for a Visa but there are plenty of countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Jordan, Kenya, Bhutan, Mauritius etc.) that provides you with VOA i.e. Visa on Arrival. When visiting to such countries ensure that you have the Fax, letter or the telex that states your visa will be available upon your arrival.

Carry Local Cash Along With Major International Credit Cards

Make it a habit to carry some local currency with you as credit cards are not always accepted everywhere. Now that all major international credit cards (ie. VISA/MasterCard, Diners and American Express) are accepted in other countries; ensure that your credit/debit card works in the destined country as it might have updated its payment methods.

Plan Your Itinerary Well In Advance

Before you travel, download travel apps so that you save a lot on your mobile data charges. Also, a quick research on the local events (falling on the dates of your visit) as well as culture beforehand will help you save lot of time. If you intend to visit tourists’ places,
buy tickets beforehand not only to avoid queues but also to grab some great deals.

Lastly, make sure you know all the laws of the country you are in.

This checklist will surely prepare you enough to take your first (or perhaps second or third) foreign flight to your destination with ease. Happy Travelling!

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