8 Types of Milk and their Differences that are Commercially Sold in India

types of milk
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We grew up knowing and drinking mainly two types of milk – cow milk and buffalo milk. However, in the health conscious world that we live in today, we are bestowed with a wide range of milk that come in various forms and variability, making it difficult for us to distinguish and decide. Here in this article, we shall share eight major types of milk with their qualities and differences that are available in Indian market for us to consume and slurp on –

Full Cream Milk

Whole milk or full cream milk is the milk that contains all the milk fat – neither anything is added nor removed from this milk after it is collected from the diary. However, it does undergo pasteurization. This creamy milk possesses the milk fat percentage of 6% while the milk solid not-fat (SNF) content is 9%.

Standardized Milk

Made using buffalo, cow, goat and/or a blend of these three or maybe two, Standardized milk is a milk where (going by the FSSAI standards) the milk fat content is 4.5% and SNF (Milk Solids not Fat) content is 8.5%. the red colour Amul Gold available in market is Standardized milk.

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Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk is whole milk minus half of the cream as the fat content is removed mechanically. The fat percentage is only 0.5% and the solid non-fat content is around 8.7%. It has all the nutrients that whole milk has and even slightly more calcium but lower levels of fat-soluble vitamins.

Toned Milk

A mixture of buffalo and cow’s milk, toned milk is a homogenised standardized milk where the SNF content is same as Standardized i.e., 8.5% but the milk fat content is 3%. Being a homogenous milk, it has no deposition of fat. This milk has to go through alkaline phosphate test which may indicate whether or not the milk has been soiled with raw milk post pasteurization.

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Double toned Milk

Again, a mixture of cow and buffalo milk, double toned has 1.5% i.e., half the milk fat content of toned milk and a SNF of 9.0%.

Lactose-Free Milk

In this variant of milk, lactose (natural sugar) is broken down which makes it tolerable for people suffering from lactose intolerance and they are given lactose free milk. This milk however possess all the other significant nutrients as other types of milk.

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Organic Milk

Organic milk comes from dairy farms that follows and practices strict standards of organic dairy practices where cows/buffalos are given organic fodder and are never given any form of antibiotic or hormonal injections.

A2 Milk – One of the Healthy Types of Milk

Cow milk is of two types a. the one that is with only A2 beta casein b. the one that is with A1 beta casein and may have A2 beta casein in traces. Interesting, the milk with only A2 beta casein is believed to be healthier and safer. Only the cows that have hump like certain desi breeds in India such as Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Khillari etc. come with A2 beta-casein protein. If you get A2 milk from a known source, it is a healthier choice especially for infants, and kids.

In Indian market these eight types of milk are currently sold in commercial market as well as online from various known brands. Let us know which one of these do you prefer?

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