Scope of UI UX Design Professionals in The Modern Age Of Internet

ui ux design future scope

Choosing a promising career domain in IT can be difficult. If you look on the internet for the top technologies, you’ll see many technologies listed. All of them are special in their own way. And all of them seem to be promising. This can put you in a dilemma if you want to get into IT or planning on switching domains. UI UX Design is one of the most demanded technologies. So, let’s see what UI UX holds in the future.

This blog will focus on why UI UX design has gained so much demand, how its future scope looks like, and then discuss what skills you’d need if you want to pursue a career in UI UX design.

Need for UI UX Design

Something new is coming up in IT every day. Organizations have a lot of ways to make their applications better. Nevertheless, organizations invest a lot in UI UX design. And there’s a lot of demand for User experience and User Interface designers.

So, why do organizations need UI UX design and designers?

Customer Satisfaction

Like Shep Hyken says, “All of your customers are partners in your mission!”

The only way to have a successful business is to make sure your customers are satisfied and happy. Your business aims to provide certain services to users. And the users have certain expectations from your application. It’s very important to satisfy your customers with your services.

The initial part UI UX design – research, helps you in understanding what these expectations of your users are. And then UI UX design can be used to design your application according to users’ expectation. When you have happy customers, your business increases.

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Impression and Brand Quality

Let’s try to understand this with the help of an example. Let’s say you have to go from point A to point B. You have two taxis available. Both these taxis would cost the same and would reach the destination in the same amount of time. But the difference is that one of these taxis is clean and has comfortable seats and air conditioning, etc. And the other one is stinky, dirty, and no cushion on seats. Which taxi would you take? The first obviously! Because that taxi would make your ride better i.e., it will provide a good user experience.

Some people think that providing is enough and user experience in that process doesn’t matter much. This example clearly depicts that’s wrong. Getting from point A to point B is what the user wants. The taxi can be considered as the service that you’re providing. But when your service focuses on user experience as well, your target audience is impressed and chooses your service over others.

Good interface and experience impresses your user and enhances brand quality. Word of mouth is the best way to market your business. And when your users are impressed, they’ll tell more people about your product. This is how you’re business would make its name in the world.


A lot of time in UI UX designing goes into understanding your user and how well your product is for the target audience. Researching about the users helps in creating a good experience for them. But it also helps you understand what kind of service your users are expecting from you. You can use this information to plan your development, prioritize tasks, and plan investment.

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Planning your product development process with this intelligence increases it’s efficiency. It also helps in planning feature and product releases, and Value Stream Mapping.

Scope of UI UX Design

UX design had faced a lot of criticism when it first came into existence. People thought their user experience would not make a lot of difference. But at that point in time, they weren’t completely wrong. Older web applications were simple and most of them were static. So, focusing on user experience didn’t seem like an important thing to do.

But web applications have come a long way since then. Web applications today have advanced and have become more dynamic and complex. This increases the complexity for users. Hence, there’s a great need to take of user experience.

According to Internet World stats, 62% of the world’s population uses the internet as of March 2020. That converts to 4.8 billion people! Organizations are taking this to their advantage to reach more people through the internet. Almost every business today has come on the internet. And offline businesses are also seeking to become online because of the internet’s reach. This why UI UX design makes a difference today.

We’ve covered the past and the present of UI UX. So, what about the future? Some people argue that there will soon come a time where everything in UI UX will have been explored and there will be nothing new to be done. Ask yourself this question – “Do I expect the same things from a web application today that I expected from web applications 5-10 years ago?” No, your expectations have changed a lot because web applications have evolved a lot. So, as we keep moving forward in time, the expectations of users will keep on changing.

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To state another fact, there’s an increase of over 1000% in the number of people using the internet 5 years ago compared to today. As these numbers keep increasing, the scope of UI UX design will just keep increasing.

UI UX Design Skills: What does it take to become a Good Designer?

UI UX design is going to be one of the most important things for online businesses in the future. And when UI UX is influencing the revenue of businesses to this extent, it’s important to have to best of people for the task.

There are lots of opportunities for you in this domain. But if you want to be really good at it, you need to have command over a particular set of skills. Let’s take a look at some of the most basic yet important skills you need to become a UI UX designer.


As a UI UX designer, you need to design the product to make the customers happy. There is no room for trial-and-error. You can’t just keep on making guesses on what your users might like and then try it. Doing this would waste a lot of time and resources. And wrong implementations can decrease the user experience and that’s a bad thing. Hence, research is very important.

You need to have good researcher skills and have an eye for details. You should be able to extract information that is important to you and know where to find them. If you don’t know the destination, you can’t plan the journey. Similarly, if you don’t know what makes your users’ experience better, you won’t know how to achieve it. The “What makes my users’ experience better?” question is what your research answers.


When you’ve cracked how to improve user experience, you have to represent it and create prototypes for production. Sometimes, UI UX ideas are simple and clear in your mind, but explaining or representing it to others can be difficult.

You need to have good wireframing skills to represent your ideas. Your blueprints act as the base for developers to build the product. Any lack of clarity might lead to misassumptions and misinterpretations which would affect the product.


Understanding and implementing UI UX design includes a lot of collaboration. And smooth collaboration needs good communication. You will have to interact with different stakeholders to make them understand why you have planned what you have planned. And because UX can’t always be measured with metrics, it’s important to be able to communicate your ideas and strategies properly. You will also have to work with the graphics team and developers in implementing your ideas. And you will need good communication to bring out your thoughts as a product.

Communication is also important during the research phase. You can include surveys and interviews as a part of your research to have a better understanding of users. In this case, it is important for you to communicate your questions to the users properly. If they don’t understand your question right, their answers might not be accurate. This would affect the product. You need to be good at putting forth your thoughts into words and understanding others’ thoughts and words.


UI UX design includes parameters that can be measured using metrics such as bounce rate, hits, etc. But there are also things that can’t be put in numbers. For example, if you are asked how you like a dish, you’d say good or bad. Or maybe you’d rate it 8/10. But these are not accurate metrics. Your 8/10 could be different from someone else’s 8/10. Hence some things in UX design have to be designed by understanding users’ feelings.

You should be able to put yourself in your users’ shoes and think like them. That’s the key to get the best out of UX design. Just following the guidelines or implement already experimented strategies would not make your design unique or the best. It’s important to implement custom design based on your users.


Programs are what make the product. As UI UX designer, you don’t have to write programs to develop the product. But you should have an understanding of programming to know whether your ideas are feasible. Some ideas look good in thoughts and words but is very difficult or almost impossible to implement. Programming knowledge would help you identify such issues in an early stage of UI UX design.

UI UX Design in the Future

UI UX design has gained a lot of attention in recent years. With the number of people using the internet every day and web applications getting complex, it is very important to make sure your users enjoy their time on the application.

UI UX design plays a very important role in understanding what users want and how to deliver it in an impressive way. If you are planning to get into this domain, you need to have the above-mentioned skills to get a high paying job. And getting those skills is easy. All you have to do is train yourself.

Interestingly, Springboard provides a designated UI UX design course that will help you gain all the required skills. This 1:1 training will train you for theoretical concepts as well as practical tasks. So, register for the course and take the first step to a career in UI UX design.

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