Please Don’t Kill Me Mum – An Unborn Girl to Her Mother

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The most precious moment for a Woman is to learn that she is ‘Pregnant’. Such a privilege for her to be capable of bringing in another life into this world. She breaks this ‘Good news’ to her husband first and then to her beloved family members. Her world is completely mesmerized with joy and her feelings are overflowing only to learn that she will be a ‘MUM’ soon….that is all she cares!

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Unfortunately, for some this joy is only short lived….As soon as her close ones learn that she is carrying a female fetus, all her dreams are shattered. She is being persistently tortured mentally to get rid of her baby by forcefully opting for abortion. They tend to forget that they too were born to a woman.

How can a new mother to be, kill her own baby? How can she get rid of a human life living within her whom she looks forward to being called as ’MUM’? From the very moment of conception, the life within her is capable of listening to her mother’s thoughts & feelings. Every single emotion is passed on to the little one who is still so fragile within her. Can you imagine the stress on that little life even before she sees the actual world?

Mothers, please try to listen to that soft inner voice, the voice of your new baby within you saying ‘Mum, I’m here. I will grow soon. I will be there for you Mum; it is me who will take care of you. Please don’t kill me MUM’.

Slowly I’m growing in your womb
Please do not send me to the tomb
In your womb I’m counting days
To show you someday my little glaze

Oh mother, won’t you start my life story,
Please don’t make my life a history;
Oh mother, can’t you hear my voice?
Don’t you have another choice?

This little inner voice within is good enough to be considered as a strong weapon to fight those voracious inhuman who want to mercilessly kill the life within a woman just because she is a female.

Stand up for your rights women! It is your body and it is your baby hence, it is your responsibility to say ‘NO to Abortion’. Even if you need to lose anyone in life only cause of the decision taken to keep this life alive, it’s perfectly alright. Please do not lose your own little life…..let her live!

This post is written by Carol Pinto

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