Understanding Your Refrigerated Truck Options

Many businesses or individuals have a specific need for refrigerated containers when transporting their products. The shippers can vary from individuals who are moving to construction teams or even small commercial shipping companies. They know they have a product or equipment to protect from beginning to end, and security matters. The size of the load is always a primary consideration as well, and more often than not this is the starting point for choosing the right refrigerated container for the right project.

There are several factors to consider when a refrigerated container is needed such as cargo size and distance to the destination. Knowing what you are looking for before evaluating a potential rental inventory is important, and it is best when a wide selection can be found at a dependable and recognized trailer leasing agency. The type of trailer typically depends on the shipment goal, and having plenty of options is always desirable.

Size Selection

While some trailer rental customers may only require a small trailer, most reefer trailers are typically between 48 and 53 feet in length and approximately 100 inches wide. This is generally the perfect size for businesses with perishable products ready for shipping, and they all come with stabilizing equipment to secure the load because many shipments are well below trailer capacity. It is always better to have excess room when it is needed, and this can also allow for shipping more cargo than expected when necessary. The expense of transporting merchandise is significant for all refrigerator trailer rental customers, and having the additional space can often be a real cost-effective advantage when there will be more cargo than was originally anticipated.

Suspension System

Depending on the type of products being shipped, some producers will want to ensure their cargo arrives intact and unbroken. Damaged goods can quickly translate into a significant additional unwanted and unnecessary expense. There are typically two options in this element of trailer rental, with those being air and spring suspension. While some potential rental clients will be satisfied with spring suspension, many will usually opt for the air slide or the air ride suspension system. This is especially true with expensive breakable cargo loads that will be transported over a wide variety of highways that may be in a questionable state of repair. The primary difference between the types is the amount of cushion in the undercarriage, and both provide excellent security for fragile merchandise. Not only can products be contaminated by heat, but being tossed about in the trailer can be a real problem as well. Choosing a newer model trailer with a cushioned air support system is the optimum choice for most needing to use a reefer trailer.


The make and model of a reefer trailer can also impact successful delivery of any shipment, which is a primary concern of all shippers. Not only are quality brand trailers designed better, they are also commonly better insulated and have more effective liners. This is a vital component of a solid reefer trailer, as leakage can not only increase expense, but it can also result in contaminated or damaged cargoes at the destination point. This a very serious concern for those shipping food products with a limited shelf life, and the make and model also denotes dependability for even the most volatile of shipments. There are multiple brands available on the market that meet the high standards associated with quality trailers, but they are not always offered at some trailer leasing locations.

Choosing the Right Leasing Company

While there are often several options when deciding on a trailer leasing agency in metropolitan areas, all leaders are not equal when it comes to finding the right trailer for any particular shipment. It is always important to locate an established and reputable trailer leasing facility that has a wide selection of quality name brand refrigerated trailers available for usage at all times. The better the inventory generally means the better the possibility of finding the exact container needed for your project.

As with practically anything else in the digital age, it is always a good idea to conduct some in-depth research beforehand. And it is always best to choose a trailer leaser with a solid track record of providing excellent equipment for their rental clients. Even losing one shipment can be devastating to a small business, and using quality equipment is always the best option.

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