How To Write University Essay for Academic Success: 5 Tips for Students

A simple question can have different answers at different ages or different levels of education. For example if the question is what germination is, the answer to it by a ten year old kid will be for a few lines, but the same question for a graduate student could be of some good 2 to 3 pages. This explains how crucial is writing essays to get good marks consistently. While, can help you in writing impactful essays for university, here I shall share few tips shares by experts to write excellent university essay:

1] Understand The Prompt

Now when you have been assigned the topic take some time and understand the prompt. It is the most essential aspect before you begin to write. A prompt may have some underlying point of discussion to it, so carefully understand and begin the work.

2] Prepare a Rough Draft

After you are clear about the topic prepare a rough draft or jot down the points or ideas and key words that you want to incorporate in the essay. It is always wise to write the points that you want to incorporate in your essay so that you do not miss out on any crucial point.

3] University Essay Should Consist of Three Parts

Now as you begin to write the golden rule is that an essay should consist of three parts that are, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should begin stating the topic and then the thesis should be brought into the picture.

The introduction should be crisp and clear and should frame a picture of your character in front of the invigilator. The body of the essay should be further broken into three paragraphs; each paragraph should support and add to the thesis statement. The body should be supporting the thesis statement as well as also depicting your thoughts to the invigilator and convincing him for the same. As for the conclusion it should be smooth and echo of your thesis statement.

4] Edit The Essay

Now that you are done writing the essay, take a break from it if time permits and come back with fresh mind so that fresh ideas if needed can be incorporated in the essay. Any editing if required should be made and if possible get outside help to edit your essay. Once this editing is done prepare the final draft for submission.

5] Write to Create An Impact

Another thing that you should try to imbibe in your writing is choice of words, the words should portray your command over the language however too many high level vocabulary could also create a negative impression so try to strike the accurate balance. Another thing is that you should use complex sentences as they create impact on the readers.

Following the above points you could write a good university essay and come out with flying colors.

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