5 Seemingly Unusual Facts About Fidget Spinner

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Fidget Spinner!

Already branded by many as the “Toy of the year,” this major stress buster is becoming a hot favorite amongst people of all age groups. The palm sized piece having three prolonged arms made of metal or plastic spinning around a disc centrally weighted is a modernized version of the age old spinning top.

From basic ones costing below £2 to deluxe ones costing a whopping £40 these Fidget Spinners are becoming the next big thing with everything from fidget spinning clubs to carefully designed tutorials available in plenty on YouTube for those who want to hone their spinning skills.

And especially for those who have no clue what the fuss is all about we present some brief pointers containing interesting stuff about these whirring contraptions. So the next time you see your friends or kids going crazy over this spinning thingy, you will at least have some cool facts up your sleeves to surprise them with.

  • 104 seconds timeout

These wonder toys can keep spinning for more than a minute which averages out to 104 seconds approximately.

  • Negative Publicity

This toy, the fidget spinner was created with the intention of helping people increase their concentration and focus. But things went downhill and these proposed concentration boosters ended up being concentration busters.

Various schools across the globe including several in Malaysia and Singapore have already enforced a ban on these toys from being brought to the school. Although some of the teachers have also complained about sounds coming from these toys when they are dropped by students causing distraction in an ongoing class.

  • Anonymous Inventor

With people celebrating this newest toy in vogue anyone rarely talks about its inventor. Well basically there’s not much to talk about either. No single person holds the patent of inventing this wonder toy. Thus no one practically had the rags to riches journey based on its three wings.

  • Historical Past

The first spinning toy was invented way back in 90’s when its inventor Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer coming from Israel applied for its patent in 1993. But that toy could not manage to rope in half the fame which fidget spinner received worldwide.

Thus she let go of her patent in 2005 as she was unable to market her spinning top to major game manufacturing honchos. So does her patent extend to fidget spinners? Well we only can guess as much as you can!

  • Nervous Energy Reliever

Although there is no clinical backing, but according to popular belief the fidget spinner helps in overcoming anxiety issues, autism and ADHD.

These little ZekPro Fidgeting Toys which need to be held in between fingers for spinning keeps our hands occupied thus earning its rightful name. So unless you are living under a rock you must have come across celebs hash tagging these small thingies in their Instagram feeds and people debating about its usefulness in twitter. But one thing is for sure, whether you or hate it, you simply cannot ignore it.

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