5 Well-Paid Unusual Profession That You Didn’t Know Even Existed!

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The ‘too good to be true’ career was once a dream but now with changing times and needs, is a real deal. Let me introduce you to some unusual profession around the globe that you didn’t know even existed, let alone being a well-paid job –

Certified Cuddlist

As much awkward as it seems, professional cuddlist is a real business. However, you cannot simply become a cuddlist. You need to take an online course that teaches the basics – touch, consent, how to initiate contact and create personal boundaries. An hour session with a cuddlist is around $80 that involves touch, hug and everything that you are comfortable with. And, yea, there is nothing sexual about this session.


Professional Mourners

I know it is hard to believe that strangers are actually paid to mourn in funerals but this profession is a real thing and it’s a growing industry. They are the actors in play who are instructed completely by the person who hires them and are paid handsomely as well. One of the expert even explained how there is a lot of home work involved when it comes to attend this sad yet sacred event. Although it looks like a sleazy business, these people also are the mysterious strangers who help real mourners to alleviate their grief before they disappear in the crowd.

Professional Mourner

Professional Wedding Guests!

Yes, besides the free food, you actually get paid to become a wedding guest! Started in 1990s, this is a growing industry in South Korea and soon spreading out to the west. Couples are paying strangers to become their fake friends, fake bosses and even fake uncles and aunts!

Professional Wedding Guests

Professional Beer Testers

Now that’s something we always wished our profession to be – happy and cheerful, isn’t it? While, you just dreamt, professional beer tasters are sipping it straight into their mouth as well as pockets.  While, you try and taste a variety of new ale you get paid as much as £200 as a daily wage. Ahem! Ahem!

Professional Sleeper

If being lazy and sleepy is what you like the best, you have a well-paid profession in the waiting and all you have to do is sleep as you become a part of a scientific research where the scientists analyse your sleeping patterns. In some cases, it to evaluate the quality of several sleep related products. A Manchester student was paid £1,000 for a month to sleep in designer beds. NASA paid $18,000 to lie in bed for 70 days. Interestingly, this unusual profession yet good job, is currently having vacancies in India too ?

Ah, these quirky jobs!

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