Vehicle Accident Checklist: What to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

Vehicle Accident Checklist
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When you’re the victim of a car crash, it’s in your best interest to hire a vehicle accident lawyer. A car wreck can completely turn your life upside down, so you’ll want to have legal representation on your side.

However, before reaching out to your attorney, there are a few items that you need on your vehicle accident checklist that’ll help you build a strong case. Are you curious to know what those items are? If so, continue reading below to learn the essentials required to put together a solid vehicle accident case.

Insurance Provider Info

One of the top items needed on your vehicle accident checklist is your insurance provider’s telephone number. Not only will you need your personal insurance company’s info, but the other driver’s insurance information as well.

Your attorney will likely have to talk to both providers on your behalf. Once you hire a vehicle accident lawyer, you’ll want them to do all of the talking for you. The reason being is because oftentimes the insurance company will use your words against you.

They’ll ask certain questions to get you to say the wrong thing or admit fault for the accident. They’ll use these tactics as an excuse to dismiss your case or pay you a lower settlement amount. You don’t want that!

So make sure that you provide all of the insurance contact information so that all communication comes from your legal counsel.

Police Report

You should always call the police to the scene of an accident. By obtaining the police report, your attorney can go over all of the details of the collision. With this information, they can also put together a strong defense on your behalf.

If there is evidence of drunk driving or texting while driving, your attorney can present this information in court. Not only that, but police officers are pretty good at putting together the details of an accident—even if they weren’t there.

In most cases, they’ll determine who was at fault and issue tickets based on the evidence collected. Let’s say you were turning left at a green light, and you had the right away. If the other driver was speeding through the light and hit you, they could be held liable for the accident even though you didn’t have had the green arrow to turn left.

The police officer can assess where the damages are on your vehicle to determine if the other driver had the ability to stop or slow down as you were turning in front of them.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos can help to tell the story of what happened during the accident much better than you can. If you are able to get evidence from the accident scene, be sure to put photographs and videos on your vehicle accident checklist.

Your attorney can look through this physical evidence to view the damage to your car, as well as any other damage that the other driver might have caused. Having this type of evidence can also back up your claims of injury.

If you were severely hurt during the accident, having pictures of the damage to your car can prove that it was a horrible accident that likely caused you severe injury.

Statements from Witnesses

Another great asset to your vehicle accident checklist is statements from witnesses. Obtaining witness testimony can help you receive compensation and win your case.

Bystanders can tell the story of who caused the accident and explain the severity of the collision. By obtaining witnesses names and numbers, you can also call on them if your case goes to court.

Oftentimes it helps to have a third party explain what happened to verify your claims. That way, it’s not only you claiming your innocence, but another party as well.

Medical Report from the Hospital

If you went to the hospital after your collision, it’s imperative that your attorney gets that information. Showing a doctor’s report further verifies your claims of injury. It shows that you were proactive after the accident and that you required medical attention from day one.

Even if you feel fine after a car crash, you should always go to the hospital. Sometimes injury symptoms don’t surface until later down the line. However, if you don’t go to the emergency room after a car wreck, the insurance company could claim that you weren’t actually injured during the collision.

Lost Wage Info from Your Employer

If you were hurt doing a car accident, chances are you had to take off time from work. Some severe injuries require many days or weeks away from your job. As the result, you’ll likely lose income or potentially lose your job.

 If that’s the case, let your attorney know. Get documentation of the days you missed from work, as well that statements from your employer. Your attorney can use this information to ensure that you are compensated for the income that you lost.

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Complete Your Vehicle Accident Checklist

Thankfully, most of the items on this vehicle accident checklist can be obtained even if you don’t present them to your lawyer during your first meeting. If you forget to retrieve witness statements or take photos of the accident scene, it’s okay. A good lawyer can build a strong case for you even without these items.

However, photos and witness statements would definitely be a great asset to helping you win your case and receive greater compensation.

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