Using a Virtual Phone Number to Exponentially Grow Small Businesses

By now, you are probably well versed with virtual telephony. Based on VoIP technology, or Voice over Internet Protocol, a virtual phone number is an internet-hosted virtual number that customers from across the world can dial in to for availing your services. Given its global network, great cost efficiency, and versatility of features, a VoIP phone numberis the choice pick for all large businesses across the world, in order to tackle massive phone call volumes that their customer support staff attend to.

However, a virtual number is not just of use for large businesses only. On the contrary, it is a massively powerful tool for small and medium businesses as well. With the power of internet telephony at hand, small businesses can leverage features such as  cloud-hosted call logging and a diverse set of call rerouting, scheduling and assigning features, in order to efficiently carry out their core business tasks, while largely automating the oft-tedious job of handling high volume phone calls.

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Why VoIP?

Put simply, a virtual phone number helps redirect incoming calls through existing physical phone lines, to any number of your choice. With this at hand, opting for virtual telephony lets you pick business numbers of your preference, giving your small business a thoroughly professional outlook, as well as streamlining your operations. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Some of the VoIP phone number providers, such as CallHippo, provide a massive array of features that can help you maximize the potential clientele of your business, and hence reap higher revenues. For instance, if you operate a software venture in USA, owning a US virtual phone number lets you reach out to a massive set of customers from across the world. With CallHippo’s presence in over 40 countries, you too can be virtually present as local entities across the world, and provide software and consultancy services to clients across borders.

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How it Suits You

For a small business, while the scale of operations may not be as vast as a multi-billion dollar global corporation, the needs and requirements are of the same nature. For instance, many small businesses are also plagued with the issue of scheduling incoming customer calls. For smaller ventures, it is imperative to not miss a single call, for every conversation can lead to a large business opportunity.

For instance, with a VoIP phone number, you get the advantage of all phone calls being recorded and hosted in a cloud storage server. This, in turn, can allow you to revisit these calls for quality monitoring purposes and evaluate your employees accordingly in order to improve their performance. It also gives you real-time call status and history, thereby giving a datasheet of how proactive your employees have been. Hence, even from a remote location, you can run highly efficient management practices, which is imperative for small businesses.

Further, for smaller ventures it is very difficult to expand globally with a physical footprint. However, with the powers of internet telephony, you can acquire local presence in multiple countries, which lets you reach out to a wider audience within limited resources. You can also add features such as call transfer and voicemail, and with low latency, high clarity US virtual phone number services, you can further promote remote networking in the same nature as that of a local office.

An Empowering Tool

With great versatility, easy accessibility, affordable plans, and the option to get important business phone number assigned, VoIP telephony is one of the most essential tools for small businesses to grow and expand. If you operate a US-based organization, it is imperative that you procure a US virtual phone number network, and emulate the customer service practices of larger companies. Not only will this help maximize your revenues, but also ensure a rigorously professional approach to the business, even within limited resources.

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