All About iB Cricket Super Over League – World’s First Virtual Reality Cricket League

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World’s first virtual reality cricket league, iB Cricket Super Over League has started.  And it started with a bang!

The buzz was huge. And as anticipated, the show lived up to everyone’s expectations! The first match on March 15 witnessed an epic clash between the two most explosive openers of this generation, ‘Virender Sehwag’ and ‘Brendon McCullum’.

The opening game between these legends showed the world a glimpse of fun and thrill this VR league can bring. The witty commentary by Gautam Bhimani and ‘Harbhajan Singh’ along with Nia Sharma in the dugout brightened up the atmosphere. Yes, Bhajji The Turbanator in commentator’s box! Seems like one can really expect the unexpected with this exciting virtual reality league.

You can watch the action-packed first match of iB Cricket Super Over League here:

So, what is World’s First Virtual Reality Cricket League all about?

Well, unlike physical tournament Super Over league by iB is a unique tournament where cricket meets technology. A virtual sport contest, super over league offers it’s viewers a VR cricket tournament experience where 12 international cricket stars face off against each other.

This first-of-its-kind league is a feast for the viewers mainly because it provides a complete cricketing experience that matches the real-time sport. Cheering crowd, customized commentary along with other features further gives a realistic experience.

Unfolding 12 episodes on Viu, the season will witness the 4 teams, i.e. Blue Blasters, Yellow Strikers, Orange Chargers, and Black Thunders, and play off against each other, fighting for the coveted trophy.

iB Cricket Super Over League – Format 

Predominately, two-star cricketers will compete with each other in a super over match. The upcoming tournament will have a total of 12 matches played between 4 teams and is to be aired on OTT platform Viu. 12 high-profile names will take part in it in a Round-Robin format. Each player will play a match with the player from another team. Likewise, the three players of one team compete with three players from 3 different teams. Every team will play 3 matches, thus totalling the number to 6 matches.

The team at the bottom of the points table will be eliminated whole the table-toppers will be through to the final straightaway.  The remaining two teams will have to compete against each other in the qualifiers in 3 matches. And the table-toppers in the qualifier round face off with the initial table-topper in 3 matches.

iB Cricket Super Over League – Tournament Schedule 

Even You Can Play Virtual Cricket at iB

One can play cricket globally in world-class stadiums and even build a virtual cricket career right from the comfort of their home or at iB cricket arcades.

Irrespective of your age, gender and location, you can play this virtual sport. Interestingly, more than 15,000 people have played the sports and seem to be in love with this virtual reality game of cricket. What’s fascinating is that some of them are even from non-cricket playing nations.

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