4 Wall Clocks to Check Out for a Fabulous Home Décor

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Wall clocks are one of the oldest creations and a must-have asset for every home. Even though there has been an increase in smartphones’ popularity, wall clocks are moving away from their original function and into the world of home décor in this modern era. A designer wall clock for home can now be used as lovely decoration to improve the interiors of a home. Various designs and forms are carved mostly for this purpose, considering various tastes and individual needs. A wall clock for home is limited in size to preserve their simple purpose, while others are bought to add a visible decorative aspect to the wall. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind timepiece to complement a sleek, rustic, minimalist, or futuristic vibe, you can get all styles available online today.

There are brands like Titan Watches that offer a wide range of wall clocks designed with deep intricacy and creative patterns. You can find their selection of wall clocks online, including conventional, new, antique, and brass clocks.

Pick out your new wall clock for home to uplift the décor of your place:

1. Wooden Brown Wall Clock for Home

This Titan wooden piece with a glass dial offers you a great contrast to suit any themed room. It not only gives a rustic look but will no doubt stand out amazingly in any given space. The unique design with wood and glass finish gives it a very raw and appealing look. The numerical is crafted in a bold design that gives it a funky look. You can put up this fantastic wall clock for home in a large drawing room for the perfect look!

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2. Contemporary White Wall Clock with Silent Sweep Technology

Are you looking for the perfect wall clock for home to fit in your whimsical interiors? Then, look no further; this Titan piece brings your creative twist on a traditional style. This contemporary wall clock has a black matt finish that gives it a natural look that fits well with any colour palette. Not only this, but this wall clock also comes with silent sweep technology, which makes it a perfect design for any room!

3. Contemporary Wooden Finish White Wall Clock with Thermometer & Hygrometer 

If you are looking for a statement décor item for your hall, this is the perfect pick. Titan offers a contemporary wooden finish wall clock for home with a thermometer and hygrometer. Never saw such a beautiful piece, right? We agree! It is not an ordinary wall clock. The versatile beige colour is ideal for a funky interior. The two sub-dials makes it stand out and also indicates the room’s temperature and humidity. The silent sweep technology offers the second hand of the clock to run in a single fluid motion, making no noise. This clock will also look classic in a French or Italian styled kitchen space.

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4. Contemporary Wall Clock with Raised Numbers 

If you are looking for a wall clock to suit a minimalist interior, this Titan wall clock is your best bet. The design of this clock is minimalistic with a lot of styles. It has a black case and a white dial. The numbers printed on the clock are slightly raised, which ensures a clear view from any angle. It also has a silent sweep mechanism making it an ideal pick for the dining area, bedrooms, and hallways. It is a 30.8 cm x 30.8 cm wall clock that you get at an affordable price online.

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Wall clocks are functional works of art. They’re a simple way to jazz up any room’s wall while still keeping track of time. They help us be on time while still acting as decoration features to increase the room’s visual appeal. A wall clock for home is the best way to give your room a quick revamp. So, check out these fantastic Titan Watches and more on their website and choose the one that fits your interiors the best!

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