5 Major Pain Points of Web App Development

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The app industry is growing at an exponential rate. Year after year, the app market is getting crowded with millions of apps competing with each other for gaining users’ attention. 

Making an app today has become more challenging than ever before. Thus, you need to frame an effective strategy for making an app that succeeds in this competitive marketplace.

Here, in this article, I’ve discussed 5 major pain points of web app development. Here, you’ll read about the key challenges of web app development being faced by businesses today.

Identifying Real Market Needs 

Before you begin with the development process of your web app, analyze the users’ requirements carefully. Make sure that the app you’re planning to build is what your target users in the market are looking for.

Most of the businesses fail to identify their users’ needs and end up building a product that does not meet user expectations and their requirements. This is one of the greatest challenges of web app development existing in the industry today.

Will your target audience use your app and how would it solve their problems? Think about this. Once you have answers to all these questions, you can start making your app. Choose the latest designs and features for your app as they play a significant role in the success of an app.

Research by CB Insights stated that one of the reasons why startups fail is the lack of awareness of the current market needs. 

Study the market and know about the latest platforms being used for app development. After a thorough analysis, choose the right app development platform for your business. Identify your target market and find the requirements of your target audience. 

Plan how your app would meet these user requirements. 

But doing this wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your users. Is a well-designed app all that your user needs? Besides an enticing interface, engaging interaction, and flawless navigation, your app must have a purpose and it should be able to solve your users’ problems too.  

Finding the Right Offshore Partner

One of the biggest pain points of web app development is not able to find the right outsourcing partner for your project. With offshore development becoming the latest trend in the business world, finding the right one isn’t easy at all.

Before you choose the outsourcing partner, make sure that they understand your business and your development requirements. Communicate your project requirements in detail and make sure that the offshore company you’re planning to hire understands it all.

Hiring an offshore software development company helps in saving time and money. This is why most businesses now prefer to outsource.

According to research by Statista, the global market size of the outsourcing industry has increased from $45.6 in 2000 to $85.6 in 2018.

Lack of communication, different time zones, lack of coordination, and not getting a similar end product as you had expected are some of the problems in web app development that you might have to face if you fail to set up the right team of offshore developers for your project. 

High Speed  

The users of both a web app or a mobile app have one thing in common. They hate apps that take a long time to load. In such a scenario, if the loading time of your web app is high, they’re bound to go to other businesses, dropping yours. 

Users get annoyed by apps that are slow and take too much time to load. It becomes quite frustrating for users to access apps that are slow. This can drift your users away from your app. 

Moreover, the poor performance of your app can affect your app’s conversion rate which is a major problem being faced by business owners these days.

The apps packed with a lot of content and filled with graphics & animations possess a long loading time. Not being able to build apps with high speed is one of the biggest pain points of web development for most of the web development companies today. 

But the irony of the situation is that users like and appreciate feature-rich applications loaded with heavy multimedia videos. 

The use of low-quality code, un-optimized databases, and faulty DNS are some of the reasons responsible for the slow performance of your app. By using a CDN to accelerate API, resizing the images, reusing the data templates, and cutting down the non-essential features, you can improve the performance of your app

Smooth Scalability  

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider smooth and seamless scalability as one of the major challenges of web app development today. Modern apps make use of advanced technologies and frameworks.

Preparing apps to suit the requirements of these advanced frameworks and technologies needs a well-planned strategy. Thus, you need to have an effective plan to devise the scalability of your app. 

While designing the scalability strategy, you must forecast and analyze the future results of implementing changes in the app. Design a robust strategy in order to prepare your apps for scalability. 

Implement modern development practices and approaches that support a high quality of code. Use the advanced development methodology such as continuous integration, delivery, and deployment to save app development time. Explore new technologies in the market with high scaling potential to handle increased traffic and content.


With the advent of the digital era, online businesses now have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The number of such cyber-attacks and data breaches can only be seen growing with each passing year.

These malicious cyber attacks can not only steal authentic and confidential data but also permanently damage the online reputation of your business in the market. 

As per a survey, approximately 54% of companies say that they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months.

This is the reason why most businesses can be seen as investing in cybersecurity strategies for ensuring safety from malicious cyber attacks. Building less secure applications is one of the major challenges of web app development being faced by industries these days. 

In order to save time and money, most businesses rush through the development process. They strategize their processes in such a manner that it gets complete within the specified deadline. In doing so, they prioritize speed at the cost of security, ending up building less secure apps vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Clearly, as you can see, building less secure apps is one of the biggest problems in web app development being faced by businesses today. You must adopt advanced security practices to build highly secured and robust applications.

Wrapping It All

Developing a web app for your business isn’t easy. It requires strategic planning and doing so requires a lot of time and money. You wouldn’t want to invest your efforts in making an app that doesn’t succeed in the market. Thus, it’s important that you read these pain points of web app development carefully in order to avoid any pitfalls while creating your development strategy. 

Prepare a well-planned strategy to overcome these challenges so that your development team doesn’t get bogged down by these problems. Design an effective plan and choose the latest development methodologies & practices for successfully carrying out the development process of your app.

This article on Web App Development is written by Praveen Mishra, a tech enthusiast passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals.

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