What are the Top 10 Allegations on NTA in the 2024 NEET Exam Controversy?

Did you know? NEET 2024 has faced unprecedented controversy with numerous serious allegations

Allegations of Irregularities and Paper Leaks

NEET exam faced serious allegations of irregularities and paper leaks, sparking widespread concern

Inflated Marks in NEET Results

Allegations of some candidates receiving inflated marks, raising questions about the exam's integrity

Unprecedented High Scores

Unusually high scores reported, with 67 students achieving a perfect score of 720

Allegations of Grace Marks

Claims that grace marks contributed to the unprecedented high scores among candidates

Question Paper Leak on Darknet

CBI probe reveals question papers were leaked on the darknet, leading to arrests

Confession by Arrested Accused

Four arrested accused confessed to arranging leaked question papers a day before the exam

Payment for Leaked Question Papers

A briefcase full of cash with exam papers sticking out, signifying the payment for leaked papers

Protests and Investigation Demands

Students and political leaders protest, demanding an independent investigation and re-examination

UGC-NET Exam Cancellation

Amid NEET controversy, UGC-NET exam was canceled, adding to the ongoing turmoil