5 Questions People are asking as they trend Block Narendra Modi on Twitter

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The cold-blooded murder of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was a sad moment for the country. However, abusive trolls not only defended the murder but also called the late journalist and activist with several names. While few called her a Naxal sympathiser, one such troll addressed her as a ‘Bitch’ and mentioned how she deserved what she got.

Unfortunately, all these account holders that spew venom had a liner on their twitter profiles that created problems for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Well, it said, ‘Honoured to be followed by PM @narendramodi.’

This made people unfollow PM Narendra Modi, creating a trend on twitter #BlockNarendraModi. Here we share people’s reasons to unfollow PM Modi on twitter:

Why is PM Narendra Modi Encouraging Abusive Trolls by Following Them?

People are questioning why PM Modi is following bigots and hate spewing abusers who celebrate human deaths. According to them, by following the twitter handles of hate mongers who propagate abuse and violence, PM Modi is encouraging their sick mindset.

Why is he Silent?

The entire nation is questioning the silence of PM Modi on these abusers as well as on other crucial issues going on in India. Their point is when PM Modi can talk about Nitish Kumar’s resignation, wish everybody on their birthday, talk about a natural calamity of another country, why is he silent on issues concerning the nation and it’s people?

What does the Prime Minister Gain by Following such Accounts?

PM Modi is the third most followed man on Twitter. While the top two people follow within a mere 100, PM Modi follows more than 1000 twitter handles. The nation now wants to know what does PM Modi attain by following twitter handles like @nikhildadhich, @aashish81us, #RitaG74 and or @SoulFacts?

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Why are BJP Leaders Following Handles with Labels: Proud Indians, Nationalist?

Some of the unfollowers have questioned why Union Ministers and BJP leaders have been following twitter handles that states, “proud Indians”, “nationalist”? Nevertheless, just because the top brass politician follows them, these abusive trolls are successful in leveraging their position for professional as well as personal things.

Why Isn’t Narendra Modi taking a stand against Trolls who abuse Journalists?

There is a toxic environment on social media especially when it comes to anchors, reporters, and journalists. The entire nation wants to know why is PM Modi silent about it. In addition, is eager to know why does he follow people who not only harass journalists, but also celebrate their death.

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