Why You Should Invest in Agriculture

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During any type of crisis, there is no better asset to own other than farmland or staying invested in agriculture stocks. In some ways, investing in farmland is even better than putting your money in gold or silver. After all, farmland is an intrinsically useful thing and it provides a tangible yield in the form of good things from the earth.

As technology has advanced, we have seen the agriculture industry take a backseat. It shouldn’t be seen this way. Families hand down their farms generation after generation, and farming is a learned skill that many people do not possess. But the advancement of technology in agriculture it might not be the main target of the mainstream media, but that doesn’t mean that agriculture hasn’t gotten its fair share of upgrading.

There are many expos around the world where investors and other technology-based companies present their ideas to the general public. For example one of the biggest agro-technology expos this year is Agri-Tech which is an event that is happening in Taiwan, where the latest and most advanced technologies in agriculture will be presented and the biggest agricultural companies and inventors will attend and present their ideas to the world.

The sector presently is characterized by a low number of investors which is a good opportunity to make wealth and also feed the nation as there is low competition. It also creates wealth by selling agricultural products, creating new agriculture technology innovations as well as manufacturing and maintenance of machines and implements.
As an investor, you can invest by:

Establishing a farm

Investing in farm through loans and credits

Buying of stocks from agricultural companies

Another good thing about investing in agriculture is that in order for you to start up a business you don’t need a large capital in comparison with other businesses. In order for you to start your own business, all it takes is for you to buy a land and plant whatever you want on it or breed animals.
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Something else to consider is the eat clean and eat local movement. People are growing more and more selective in the food that they put in their bodies. Farm to table style restaurants and markets are extremely popular right now, and even more so if they’re local. Knowing that the burger you’re eating came from a farm five miles away, right in your community, is extremely attractive to the consumer.

Besides the production of food and fiber, one other very promising and exciting reason to invest in farmland is the ever-growing use of biofuels. The production and use of ethanol and biodiesel are increasing every year. Ethanol is made through the fermentation of sugars, such as those found in corn. Biodiesel is the newer of the two biofuels, it is a biodegradable transportation fuel for use in diesel engines. Produced through the transesterification of organic fats, such as the oil derived from soybeans, biodiesel can either be used as an additive to petroleum-based diesel or as a 100% replacement.

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Other than the obvious capital that can be achieved through investment in agriculture, it opens the door to many humanitarian opportunities where you, as an owner, can help feed the hungry and help the world become a better place for everyone on it.

This article is written by Walter Bishop

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Walter Bishop is a 25-year-old freelance writer with a journalistic background and a passion for writing and entrepreneurial adventures. Walter has worked on various freelance projects that are connected with his expertise and that is writing articles that are based on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
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