5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

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SEO or engine optimization is a means of internet promotion (together with SMM, contextual advertising, and email marketing) used by many businesses today. It is aimed at getting free traffic from search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing or others to your site that is why it is so popular among small business in particular. What are the benefits of SEO services? How do these services work and does the investment in them worth money?

As an SEO manager with 5 years of experience in this field, I will give you honest answers to all these questions by pointing out 5 reasons why search engine marketing is essential for keeping your company afloat.

Photo Courtesy: VerticalResponse
  1. The best answer to a user’s request is vital

Internet users type billions of requests every day, using different search engines all over the world. Each query makes a search engine to look for the best possible answer on the web that is relevant and useful for the user. The most appropriate ones constitute a part of the organic search engine optimization SEO company is always looking for. How does it work?

The search engines search among the articles available on the internet for the most frequently used phrase in the query, paying extra attention to the trustfulness of the site and relevance to the topic that is searched. Every year these internet engines become wiser, and start looking not only for the keywords that an article contains, but also for the relevance of the entire text.

  1. Content matters

Content is an essential part of any effective SEO optimization in all forms it may appear: text, video, audio or other site content, but it does matter only if it is relevant to the theme of the site and is written correctly, thus you need to have a good specialist, who can craft a unique and interesting content for your target audience. By the way, here you can get essay writing assistance easily just in one click of a mouse.

Let’s have an example, imagine you have just opened a travel firm and you need to write about London as a tourist destination, what will you do then? Ideally, you should write about issues your potential clients could face if they want to travel to this country to increase traffic to your site, but not just give a picturesque description of the city.

  1. The role of links mustn’t be neglected

Larry Page and Sergey Green understood the value of work citations when they were at the university, that is why they have transformed citation into linking and created the Google algorithm with accordance to this method – the more links to your site appear in search engine, the better page rating you will have; Google calls this site rating PageRank. The aim of every successful SEO specialist is making your site to take the highest possible place, this will lead to the increase in site traffic and as a result gives your company higher profit. This is the reason why it is important to have a top hosting provider as the leading hosting companies have been providing web hosting for SEO

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  1. Keywords are the essential part of any internet strategy

The first step in ranking your site is letting Google know what it is about. How can we do this? All you need is to use the same group of keywords for the entire site. How can you get the keywords that will work? Brainstorming is an answer; you have to contemplate a lot with your team to get a list of keywords that will match the theme of your site. The next step is to use special programs available online by search engines to see how many times these words are requested by users in a month perspective; here you can use WordStat in Yandex or Google Analytics.

  1. Uniqueness is a key

Originality is something many companies completely forgot about when creating content for their sites, but it is among the fundamentals of any SEO strategy. Uniqueness and success are synonyms in SEO world that is why an effective marketing strategy consists of having a team of experienced SEO specialists or at least an SEO manager as a consultant.

SEO now is an essential part of any company’s business plan if its aim is to get success using the best practices of internet marketing, so do not underrate its advantages for your business and use all the benefits it can give you. 

This post is written by Lisa Griffin

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