Women Empowerment: You Can Deal With your Pervert boss On Your Own!

Having a boss who is pervert yet do not openly make advances can be a complicated situation to deal with. You neither can inform somebody nor can you ignore his advances. Nevertheless, the pervert like a pro knows exactly how to get his point across you, without giving you a chance to expose him.

In such a situation, you will have to deal with him on your own. Restricting your male boss, without causing any awkwardness is the key.

Be Direct. First and foremost, while speaking to a pervert, always look directly in his eyes, particularly when retorting to his improper hints. You might observe that he generally advances either when you are scanning over reports or looking at your computer screen.

This is a major indicator of his intentions to misbehave without any repercussion as he believes that if you can’t see his face, you will perhaps not be able to look straight at him. Look up directly into his eyes abruptly as well as firmly, and make him aware that you know what’s going on.

Be Loud. Be firm and loud in all your requests, conversations, and remarks with your unprofessional boss. That certainly doesn’t infer that you have to yell, scream or create a scene. All you have to do is, be direct and very professional in your discussions.

Your tone should not be strained, it should have a voice that strictly conveys “I am not here to fool around.” Do not smile or make light conversation with him as you would do with other colleagues or managers till he learns to back off. Moreover, do not give him the least reason to presume that you have any intent of letting your guard down around him.

Show him the “No Nonsense Attitude”. Keep all the discussion and conversations with your mischievous boss concise and to the point until he quit his naughty advances. Yet again, this is an additional way to let him understand, beyond all doubt, that there is not any slight possibility in this world that you will change your deceision or that you have any plan of starting an unprofessional rapport with him. Even though a real relation is not really on his mind, something else is, therefore do not ever give him a chance to have his head in the clouds.

Try your best not be alone with him. If just the thought of talking with your boss face to face scares you and makes you feel uncomfortable, stressed and anxious or if you are trying to confront him and he is still approaching you, try to lessen the time you spend together on a one-to-one basis.

Author of “Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That can Ruin Your Marriage” and a psychotherapist, Dr. Tina Tessina advises that, “Be buoyant however maintain your distance.” Next, try not to be alone or in isolation with this guy. If he calls you inside his cabin, try leaving the door open. Although it may sound apparent but prevent all the circumstances where there are chances of you being alone with the pervert boss. It is a straightforward approach to avoid bumpy situations.

Dress Appropriately. Conventional work attire is an excellent policy for career advancement, and when faced with such circumstances, it’s even more imperative. Obviously, you do not want to thrust mixed messages to the pervert Boss. Also, you will be away from all those unwanted glares and stares.

Be Tactful. Although it’s significant to discuss with your boss directly, it’s also important to consider that you have to work with this individual. This is the reason why a diplomatic and tactful approach is the key.

Express your discomfort in a gracious way that doesn’t condemn him or her,” says Irene Levine, a professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine. She insists on taking responsibility all by yourself by giving a careful reply such as, “I always choose to maintain a strictly business connection at work. I know you are kidding around but it does make me feel uncomfortable.”

Watch Your Body Language. Finally, be cautious of  your body language  in front of your boss. Always bend and sit up straight like a lady and avoid relaxing or stretching too much. Females often fail to comprehend just how hard males are looking for a reason to watch them down.

Yes, an innocent and normal movement to you might be alluring and enticing to him. Moreover, he may misapprehend these kind of body language as a signal from you. So, in the presence of your pervert boss make sure you keep your posture perfect.

Lastly, be serious, be firm and always be bounded by those people whose existence will surely deter your pervert boss from any unwanted behavior. With the right approach and attitude, he should get your message.

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