Debunked: The Real Reason Why Women Shop More Than Men!

“Men go shopping to buy what they want, women go shopping to find out what they want” ~ Unknown

This is an old adage commonly used by the darker sex to put an emphasis on women and shopping. In fact, the stereotype that women shop to indulge has made people (well, Men!) believe that women are the ultimate shopaholics.

From ages, women in general, have been sniggered for their shopping habits. However never did men try to understand why women shop more. Instead, they chose to pass sarcastic jokes. However, it is high time we debunk every man’s misconception around Women and Shopping.


Here we go:

Being a Primary Care-Taker of the Family, Every Woman Shops on Behalf of Her Family

In almost every family around the world, a woman’s responsibility is that of a primary caregiver where she is supposed to look after every person in the house – From the elderly members to the children and everybody in between. This is the reason why women are often seeing shopping because they shop on behalf of everybody. They not only buy for themselves but also for their husband, kids, in-laws, relatives and sometimes even the husband’s colleagues and friends.


Women Take More Time to Shop Because They Know the Requisite  

While men buy any workable product and get aside, a woman invests both her time and energy until she finds the perfect solution. This is the reason why the husband and the father-in-law have the perfect fitting shirt and the relatives are happy with all the yearly gifts.  No wonder, shopping is not just fun and games, but a responsibility, which is executed ‘rightly’ only by women.


A Woman Shops for Future Needs Because She Wants Everybody in the house to be Tension Free

Well, time and again, sarcastic jokes have been passed on women for shopping more. However, little do people (men again!) realize that she shops more mainly because she wants everybody in the family to be tension free always! Anticipating the future needs of the family, women shop in abundance only to meet the future requirement of the entire house. This is the reason why the men in the house never run out of their shaving cream or the kids never have a short supply of any stationery items.  


Moreover, that extra sari she buys is not specifically for herself, but a surprise birthday gift for her mother-in-law or sister-in-law which you have forgotten!

This Social Experiment Video not only debunks the age-old myth on Women and Shopping but also compels every man to reconsider their perception about their better-half

Nevertheless, #WhenAWomanShops it is not because she loves to shop but because she cares for her family. Yes, when a woman shops, she shops to show love!



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