My Money in Yes Bank is supposed to be Quarantined?

Yes Bank Crisis

My money in the ‘ Yes Bank ’ is supposed to be Quarantined, and as usual I am not even allowed to whine?

Why were ‘bad loans’ given despite RBI Monitoring is all I ask, did the borrowers threaten them by guns and wearing those masks?

The defaulters list includes Zee, DHFL, and Anil Ambani, and did ya’ll know a month ago the RBI declaration, ‘Yes Bank’ was ditched by Adani?

As a common woman, I seriously envy Gujarat’s Vadodra Smart City Development; was their 6th sense that led the 265 crores withdrawal, a day before the announcement?

Perhaps this is the reason why we Indians believe in babas and astrology, otherwise how could they rescue themselves when I’m yet to grasp the chronology?

Meanwhile, State Bank of India is all set to buy 49% stake in Yes Bank, so, now, will this be the bailout plan every time a private bank tanks?

From financial crisis to market debacle, we are witnessing it all, are we not realizing that it is just the start of a major economical fall?

What should I fear now – University Attack, Riots, Bank Collapse or Corona, or should I still get entertained by political gimmicks and bosses’ major maestro?

Some seem to be laughing at me for ignoring Yes Bank’s NPL Ratio, well, was I wrong to trust the ‘authorities’ even when I was shown a different scenario?

This wasn’t Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s India 2020 that I was made to envision, and with things going haywire, should I just quit everything and sit in lotus position?

We, the common men are known for putting up a brave face and fighting for survival, but how do we sustain this financial crisis when there is no hope of revival?

PMC, Yes Bank…the list goes on and we are left to whine, tell me for once O my dear lord, where on earth is the Acche Din of mine?

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