Chandra Nandni Latest Updates: Who is Behind the Black Magic?

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Nandini is on a black magic spell. Somebody is casting a spell on her in the serial Chandra Nandni. While, the first and most obvious doubt goes on Helena, looks like she isn’t the culprit. After all, she has been the first target of Nandini.

So, who can it be? Let’s analyze going by Chandra Nandni latest updates:

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Can It Be Malayketu?

Well, Malayketu knows that Nandini is falling for Chandra. Nandini herself confessed this to him. So in order to create more differences between Chandra and Nandini, he can go to any level.

No wonder, he already planned an attack on Chandragupta once and is looking forward to opportunities to kill him. Perhaps he can be the one.

Chandra Nandni Latest Update: Or Is It Nandini’s Badi Maa?

Nandini’s mother Avantika has confessed that it was not her who robbed the royal stamp. She thought it was Nandini and so she confessed the crime. However, it wasn’t even Nandini who did this. So, who can it be?

Well, now that her Badi maa has brought a strange lady in the palace, we assume it to her. Besides, her height and physical posture is more or less than Nandini, this means she was the one who entered Chandragupta’s room as Nandini.

Chandra Nandni Spoiler: The Black Magic Twist!!!

What do you think can be the culprit – Malayketu? Baddi Maa? or Helena’s mother? or perhaps Chanakya himself? Do drop your hints and suggestions.

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