Dear Women, Give Yourself the Permission to Invest in Yourself #FundYourOwnGrowth

How many times in your life as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and/or daughter-in-law have you heard that you need to be selfless, give to others constantly and never expect anything back in return? Many a times, right?

Well, women are not just taught, but are biologically wired to ‘give’ selflessly. Moreover, the society in which we live constantly inculcates within us the ‘giving’ mentality, which often shift our focus from ourselves onto the others.

But do you really think denying yourself, neglecting your growth and focusing all your energy in making sure everyone is happy is all that you should do as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and/or daughter-in-law?

Well, investing your time in yourself, choosing yourself first by chasing your dream career that can push you forward in life won’t ever make you ‘selfish’. After all, you hurt nobody by choosing to invest in yourself and/your career.

If you are wondering when and how should you start planning your life on your own terms, watch out this inspiring video by Konkona Sen Sharma to get some hints –


It is time to get out of the stigma and fund your own worth by ‘choosing yourself’. After all, investing in your life goals that which serves you greatly as an individual is nothing to be guilty of. In fact, when you choose to invest your time and energy in the field you want to pursue, there is no room for self victimization or self denial. No wonder, self denial leads to breakdowns, depression and days of pure exhaustion.

So, if you have been struggling with self worth throughout your life, it is time for you to act for your personal as well as career goals and create your own story like plenty of other selfmade women out there.

Give yourself the permission to dedicate some time on ‘things’ you want, give yourself permission to do what makes you ‘smile’, give yourself permission to start a new business that you always wanted to and lastly, give yourself permission to ‘invest’ in yourself.

Whether you are a daughter, sister, wife, mother or a daughter-in-law, make a way for your present and future by investing in your goals, career aspirations and ambitions – Because if you don’t fund your own worth, who will?

Remember, the only person who is going to give you enough security and the life you want is, ‘You’.

P.S: If you know a wonder woman, who chose herself and created her own story, nominate her for Advantage Woman Awards by ICICI Bank. You can nominate the inspiring stories by submitting here


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