Boycott Vs Dil Maange More: India China Bilateral Trade a Win-Win Situation!

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Whenever a critical situation happens across the borders, history is evident that Chinese manufacturers in India have suffered a lot. No wonder, we have got certain negative notion towards Chinese which I can say is a kind of Caucasian effect in Indian brains.

India China Bilateral Trade Relations

Recent reports have revealed that, in spite of a nation-wide boycott campaign, the Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi have been doing good in terms of online sales in Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and so on due to Diwali fever.

via Wikimedia Commons
via Wikimedia Commons

Recently, Huwaei has set up its production unit in Indian soil and China is probably on mode to establish its dynasty through bilateral trade even if there is a trade deficit between the elephants and the dragons.

Nevertheless, the Chinese are interested in our raw materials and we have an inherent interest in their electronic/pharmaceutical/chemical goods. The US has always played the role of an influencer in many cases. As of now the trade deficit is not a point of national debate because both India and China are into different models of development and global sustainability.

The Chinese products are now modernised and Indian customers are now trending, bending and inclined towards them. Instead of boycott, making massive trade would be a better option to make China more dependent on our regions and cultures.

Once somebody gets dependent, it becomes easy to dictate your own terms due to socio-economic parlances. Politicians always play a different role in India China bilateral trade relations.

According to reports, China has invested a lot in India in 2015 in spite of labor issues, poor roads, lack of communication and other problems. Besides, in future, this is going to come up in a bigger way. As of now, the investment is near about 870 million USD, more than six times as compared to 2014.

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So, if one country is willing to shake hands, why should India play back foot? After all, it would create more opportunities, bilateral cooperation, e-commerce and economic ties – making India gain maximum benefits.


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