Spiritual Awakening Is The Key to Happiness & Good Work-Life Balance

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According to a recent survey, the current life expectancy in India is only 67.9 years and in comparison to countries like Japan, USA, China, Malaysia we are far below the expectations. Doctors say Japanese live longer because they eat fish and rice as staples. Well, this is not the only factor which can be instrumental to increasing the longevity within an individual.

 These pieces of news indicate that Narendra Bhai Modi has failed to improve the quality of work-life of Indians. Although he has promised  mountains before elections to do the same through many schemes and incentives but he has created mountains by not keeping his promises. It’s media hype that is only supporting Modi magic & there is no real India rising movement.


People are not happy that’s why they are dying in both rural and urban places. There is no real welfare. The external and internal development models are just fake and tabloid triggered for vote bank development. I was sitting at my office with some colleagues who came to visit me.

We spent hours today and couldn’t get any concrete resolution or answer to this scientific investigation and evidence of poor Modi-led lifestyle issues. Thought of penning down the sneak flick discussion and the article goes like this.

Spiritual Awakening Is the Key to Happiness

There are many karmic relationships in our circle of lives that can give us good momentum and definite purpose of life. These are in fact cherishable or positive by nature. We need to strengthen these kinds of bonding and need to eliminate bad relations and friends from our sphere so that we get a good work-life balance.

In fact, the greatest karmic connection is that with God. It’s a precious gift and if we want peace and harmony in our life we have to resort to spirituality. That’s ultimate which can make you richer in every category. But may be due to work pressure we are neither embracing nor recognizing the importance of God. This is just a free offer. If you buy only one you get many absolutely free. This is a lifelong assignment which you need to complete.

The current government is not coming up with new dimensions or ideas to improve the quality circle or total quality management. In short, there is no clear vision. Hence we have to do the same without waiting for any supports from the NDA government.

Miracles will not happen automatically and we are the creators of quality time. We have to do the same through spiritual paths. I now expect all my readers to have a heart–to-heart discussion with the Supreme who can save you through His will. Spiritual Awakening is the key to happiness and prosperity.

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Man proposes but God disposes. Being Brahmin I have not only read Gita but also Quran and Bible and for this, I am often criticized by my so-called relatives. I don’t care. My motto is to keep happiness all around and from within. I never overthink.

All problems will be solved although I feel I don’t have any real problem to mingle with. Modiji has to create opportunities so that we can utilize our vast resources to seek maximum pleasure and progress.

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The government is lacking in genuine excitement and is not able to connect to “Bottom of Pyramid” which is most important. The divine relationships are motivations to improve work-life. Devise your own methods. Don’t wait for PM Modi to do the same for you. After all, you need to be happy forever.

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