10 Lessons that We Learnt from the #MeToo India Movement

#MeToo India

Lessons that I learnt from the #MeToo India (Me Too India) Movement:

#MeToo India

– Almost every woman has been sexually harassed, molested or raped at some time in her life……. But we should not generalize.

– There have been a few cases of false accusations against men….. So “All Men Are In Danger” is a perfectly acceptable generalization

– Any woman who speaks out after 5-10-15 years of the “incident” is looking for publicity or is “Out to get that guy”. They should shut up because “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi”

– If a woman complains about someone you know, he is innocent. If she complains about someone you dislike, she is telling the truth

– If a woman gets molested once, should have been more careful. If the same woman gets molested twice or more, she WANTED it to happen.

– Men have a right to ogle at women’s breasts and bottom when they pass them on the streets. That’s their way of appreciating beauty. The wolf whistles and nasty remarks are “grades” on the beauty matrix handed over by men to women

– Cracking funny jokes and posting memes on a movement which is basically about the daily harassment of women is perfectly alright. Because death is a joke, life is a joke, rape is a joke, communal violence is a joke, everything is a joke. One just needs to have the right kind of sense of humor.

– If the woman discloses her identity then she is an attention seeker. If she stays anonymous her authenticity should be questioned.

And finally

– Those women who are joining the #MeToo India Movement basically want to appear on the next season of Big Boss

Thank you all for these lessons…. I feel the same now as Buddha felt the day he got enlightened. 😛👍

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

Disclaimer: Time for people to realize that the #MeToo movement is not about Men versus Women…… It’s about Victim Versus Sexual Predator…… Choose your side carefully.

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