Me Too India: For Every Man Who Says #NotAllMen , Do Remember #YesAllWomen

Me Too India #MeTooIndia

The Me Too India (#MeToo) campaign has opened a can of worms with big names like Alok Nath and hints at Minister M J Akbar being penned down in the list of “Sexual Offenders” being openly called out on social media.

Me Too India #MeTooIndia

But this is not all that this campaign has done.

This has shaken the very core of the Men in India.

A lot of Men (not all) are going about huddling up and murmuring that this campaign does not bode well.

One can almost see them ganging up and saying, that this gives an opportunity to the women to target “innocent” men and muddy their reputations without a cause.

While there might be some truth in this, what I, personally, have noticed is that the Men have now started to feel cornered.

There are open calls about “No Man is Safe” from this campaign.

“It could be your Brother, your Husband, your Father”, the Men say.

We, Men, are obviously worried. We are feeling victimized…..scared…..hunted.

And that too for no fault of our own.

But you know what??

This is exactly how the Women in India have felt for all their life.

When they go out on the streets….
When they go to colleges…..
When they go to their jobs….
When they are in their own houses….
When they take public transport….
When they are with their own families and within their social circles ….

An inappropriate touch, a groping in the crowd, ogling at their breasts, nasty comments passed about their bottoms, a seemingly friendly advance trying to inch closer to a more advantageous position……

The Women of India go through this on a daily basis.

Everyday …. Every moment.

The Women of India also feel the same.

Victimized …. Scared …. Hunted … For no fault of their own.

And they have been feeling this since years and years.

So, all you Men who are now feeling this, are just one step closer to what EVERY WOMAN feels EVERY DAY.

Perhaps this will make you realize what a hellish life the women lead when they are the prey and the Men are the predators.

The Me Too India ( #MeToo ) movement is going to throw up a lot more names and some of them would be unjust accusations too. But, it is something which needs to happen.

It is something that needs to be supported.

The Women need to be listened too, irrespective of what your opinion is without slut shaming her … Why?? Because its her RIGHT.

The accused Men need to clarify, without being called “rapists” in the absence of evidence…. Why? Because the Women deserve an explanation.

And finally, the movement needs to be supported because this is going to bring India, one step closer to tackling the issue of Sexual Harassment, by actually accepting it.

This is going to bring the Indian Men, one step closer to understanding the concept and importance of “Consent”.

Whether I believe every accusation or not, whether I react to every story or not, I firmly support the #MeToo Movement and stand by the Women, irrespective of whether I know them or not…… Do You?

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

Disclaimer: For every Man who says #NotAllMen …. do remember #YesAllWomen

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