Virginity Test for Women in India?

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Yes, Virginity plays a very important role in India. A concept that directly mocks the Indian women. Interestingly, a Caste Panchayat in a Maharashtra village (Nashik to be precise) even allowed a young man to end his marriage with his wife because she failed the virginity test. No, they didn’t take her Agni Pariksha but a white sheet test.

Well, the village caste panchayat gave the 25 year old groom some fresh and plain white cloth fresh out of the textile machine. He was supposed to sleep with his bride on the same night, a girl from Ahmednagar district preparing to join police force.


Image Courtesy: The Desi Cracked Pot via FacebookThe Desi Cracked Pot via Facebook

The Caste Panchayat Waited Outside During the Consummation Period

Post the wedding rituals, the groom slept with the bride on the plain white cloth and the entire caste panchayat waited for his verdict outside. Well, this bed sheet was basically given for Virginity test. Passed is the girl if she bleeds and the bed sheet has a red stain, and the girls fails miserably if she fails to bleed.

The groom came outside and declared that his newly wedded wife is not virgin because she didn’t bleed at all. Post having an intercourse, this man rejected his wife. The irony is that this was his second marriage – So while, he marries a girl second time, he cannot even bare a wife that doesn’t bleed at all on their first night together. Well, the bigot do not even understand that his wife could be virgin too and the lack of blood could be due to something else.

The Caste Panchayat Terminated the Marriage Based on a Failed Virginity Test

Based on the man’s verdict, the caste panchayat invalidated the marriage, leaving the girl and her family in a hot soup. We wonder, what kind of people are involved in this so-called Caste Panchayat that they wait outside the room while the newly wedded couple consummate inside. How embarrassing is this for a woman.  Some people indeed have weird hobbies as this act is nothing less than jerking to a porn video.

Perhaps Narendra Modi’s Digital India can come to some benefit when these so called “Budhaos” get a WiFi and they can watch porn instead of fantasizing couples on their wedding night and shaking by hearing the noise.

The Bride Wants to Go Back to Her Husband

Now, what’s even more shocking is the explanation given by the woman. She is not at all angry or frustrated over the entire virginity test ordeal but instead is stressing that she is virgin and perhaps would have damaged her hymen in the training program as she was supposed to join police force and had to do some rigourous exercises.

Like, seriously? Does it really matter if a girl is virgin or not? Whether her hymen is intact or damaged? The man himself was marrying second time and he too wasn’t virgin. However, the girl is keen on proving that she is virgin and is even ready to move with the bigot if he comes and takes her.

Does a Woman Need to Prove That she is Pure and Pious?

Well, is there a need to justify a loss of virginity to appear pure and pious? Do you think she is acting sane when instead she should be suing the man and the community caste Panchayat for cheating and defaming her? How on earth she can be happy with such a guy who abandoned her by labeling her as “used” in front of everybody, insulting not just her but also her family?

Such Caste Panchayat Should Be Banned

Don’t you think this process is an easy route for men to have sex. Get married,sleep with the innocent bride, declare her as not virgin and end the marriage officially. Interestingly, here the man has to not even pay a buck for having an intercourse. Moreover, the entire caste panchayat fantasize them by waiting outside the room as they jerk off during the whole episode as if they are watching some porn.

What kind of rule is this? Such caste panchayat should be banned in India, let alone, Virginity Test for Women in India.

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