24×7 Laws in Retail Sector – India Needs to think Smarter

According to a white paper released by Retailers Association of India, there will be more job creation in Indian retail market due to 24×7 laws which are going to be implemented soon.

The total number of employees may touch 6 crore by 2020 and as of now only 4 crore people are working in this sector. But it’s again a question of providing security to the women.


Let’s discuss few essential security and health tips for safeguarding the women fraternity.

An employee should drink a lot of water during night breaks. Moreover, we need to avoid caffeine and alcohol which might create acidity in stomach and may create negativity in our biological clock. One needs to sleep in breaks too-if possible have a small nap.

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Apart from this while working we need to keep our work stations lighted. Wear an earplug to avoid noises which appear louder during nights. Put your cell phone on for emergency calling. You should also download some safety apps to avoid mishappenings.

Every night worker should go for a healthy diet chart. Snacks should always available in your bags. If possible have some energy drinks –need to skip tea and coffee. Pepper spray and self –defense workshops are mandatory for women.

We need to have GPS trackers to track the taxi drivers. Drinking water, canteen, first-aid, lavatory and crèche are some of the provisions to be made by the employers too. The companies should also trigger other policies related to zero tolerance, code of conduct, CCTV etc.

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24×7 Laws in Retail Market: We need to take necessary steps in the following matters:

Need to create a standard HR and leave policy for all. It has to be uniform throughout and we should focus on execution aspects. Thus it’s time to adopt successful foreign models as benchmarks. Food and nutrition security should be provided to all night workers because health is a concern in these formats.

We need to have more cafeterias in different locations of the workplace so that an employee stays tuned amidst the night life. We need to practice some consistent labor laws and compliances at work because these are some of the mandates which we need to highlight so that we also get more CRM success.

There should some laws related to gender diversity. More security points to be allotted in case of offices which are open after 9pm. Social security and well beings should be there in HR practices. We should give more priority to e-governance and skill building.

We need to consult global experts too. Prioritizing inclusive career growth, risk management and emergency preparedness is a must for all. Separate laws for retail outlets to be created apart from IT and BPOs because every sector has got some inherent challenges of its own.

Hence we can conclude that we need to have a better institutional mechanism to combat these many hands problem of night shifts. Way ahead.

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Good luck Retail biggies. We need to create some larger than life experiences for consumers too. We have to transform the shopping points into lifestyle destinations for better employee and customer engagements in this format.


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