5 Online Sites to Download Non-Fiction Books for Free Instantly!

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In one of our previous articles, we shared with you a list of online websites to download academic books for free and here we will share a list of websites from where you can download non-fictions books for free instantly and easily.


Whether you are looking to read a biography or want to read something on a specific subject like arts, craft, self-help, business, philosophy, parenting, you will find books almost in every category including educational topics.

This one is a huge library of non-fiction books. However, in order to download non-fiction books from free-ebooks one has to sign up. Also, in a month, you can download only 5 books.

Centsless Books

From books on Law, Medicine, Business, Money, Blockchain, AI, Micro-Economics, Affiliate marketing, Stock Market, Cybersecurity, Historical books on famous personalities including political figures and scientists, Engineering, Dieting, Religion, Spirituality and various other topics, Centsless Books has a huge library of both famous and popular non-fiction books.

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You can either sign up so that free e-books drop right in your inbox or download the book directly from the site. At times the site takes to the Amazon books from where you download the book for free and can read easily on Cloud Kindle reader.

Free Books

Whether you want to download ebook in PDF, MOBI, TXT or ePub form, you can download non-fictions book from Free Books while scrolling and searching from various categories and options.

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The website doesn’t need any sign ups and you can easily download the books from the website.

Project Gutenberg

With more than 60,000 books, you can either read the books online or download the non-fiction books for free instantly. From the oldest literature to the works whose US copyrights period is over, you will find lot of books to read.

So, from the most popular ones to the legendary ones, you can get a good collection of books by searching them on the search tab of Project Gutenberg website.

Get Free Books

If you want to download both ebook for free, Get Free Books is yet another place to be if you want to explore non-fiction books in various subjects and categories. When you enter the non-fiction category, you are taken to the list of books that you can download or read online.

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From some of the most popular ones to the most read, you will see a lot of books from the past in form of a list that they compile regularly.

Besides, these 5 websites to download Non-Fiction books for free, you can also explore 5 more websites that can give you access to non-fiction books along with books in academics.

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