5 Online Sites to Download Academic Books for Free Instantly!

download academic books for free online

As students and avid readers as well as research scholars, we all want free access to download academic books, journals, papers and articles on various topics and subjects – A platform where we not only download e-books instantly for free but also search for books on any subject.

In this article, we will list out online websites that lets you download academic books for free

PDF Drive

Whether you are preparing for any competitive exam, researching on a subject and/or looking for magazines, articles and journals, you will get book for every subject in PDFdrive. The good thing is that the database has around 90 million books which you can preview and download for free without any limitation.

Our personal favourite, PDFDrive’s library continues to keep the readers, students, research scholars and knowledge seekers always happy. Besides, you do not have to make a login id.

Library Genesis

If you are looking for a good read on scientific and academic topics, Library Genesis is a website to be as it has free access to more than 2 million books, journals, articles and papers. A world-class digital library one can download books in various formats including PDF, MOBI, EPUB and DJVU. It is one of the most popular online sites to download academic books for free.


This website is primarily focused on two major areas – students’ textbooks and e-books for Business. The textbooks are all free and there are more than 70 million of them on Bookboon. However, these textbooks can only be downloaded by students. Business professionals do have the option of reading them but not downloading them.

Unlike the upper two websites, you need to register and login to read and download those books. Some of the textbooks available for download are even written by professors from top universities across the world. Lastly, some of the business books is accessible only on a premium subscription.

PDF Search Engine

As the name suggests, PDF Search Engine is a Google-like platform to search for millions of free PDF books across the Internet. Just like Google, you will have to put your search query in the box provided, hit ‘Enter’ and a list of options will come within a second. You can go through these options and download free PDF books online.

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Internet Archive Books

An online library with a wide range of topics, you can get access to million of books on ‘Internet Archive books’ for free. My favourite website for historical and academic e-books, this gives you access to even out-of-print books. While, some of the books are available for reading as well as downloading, some can only be read in their online book reader. Here too you do not need a login and you can easily read and download books.

These are some of the best online sites to download academic books for free. If you know more, kindly share with us in the comment section.

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