5 Tips to Quicken Your Post-Partum Recovery

Getting to hold the little one makes you feel like a better person and all the problems cease to bother a mother. Your life has changed and most of your time will be invested in caring for your newborn for the next few years. Now, you will have to use stuff like a breast-feeding pump and products like no tears shampoo, diapers and creams.

However, your physical self is going through major changes as your uterus returns its original size. Post-partum recovery is mostly about recuperating the perineum and the rectum. It might take a couple of months, but you will get there, as does everyone. Here are a few tips that will speed up the recovery process allowing you to take better care of your child:

Don’t miss out on the appointments

No one can help you better in the process of rehabilitation than your doctor, so make sure that you don’t miss any appointments. Moreover, it is your Obstetrician who can give you the right advice and ensure timely healing. Many doctors help in tackling post-partum stress which can affect you in one way or the other.

You can’t delay in getting the stitches removed to avoid consequences if you had a C-section. Finally, don’t hide anything from the doctor including soars, fever and pain (physical and emotional).

Fight Fatigue – Eat Healthy

Having eaten well for 9 long months to ensure the good health of your child, you must follow the same practice post-partum. Instead of the conventional 3 big meals a day, have 5 smaller meals to avoid drowsiness. The diet plan should be balanced in terms of carbs, protein and fiber. Needless to say, you must eat naturals like veggies, fruits, and peanut butter for protein.

It is essential to keep hydrated and therefore, drink at least 8 glass/2 liters of water every day without fail. Drinking enough water relives tensed muscles and helps you rest. Finally, try not to give in to inebriation or smoking while you are recovering; they can really hinder the process.

Taking care of C-section problems

As it turns out, 1 in every 3-4 women need a C-section for delivery and 4 out of 5 of those witness discomfort at the site. Nothing to worry about; it’s completely normal. All you need to do is take a little extra care as opposed to women who deliver vaginally. You should move around a little bit to avoid blood clots and swelling in your legs.

You can ask your doctor for pain killers if it’s unbearable, but check if that’s alright while you’re nursing as well. Dress in comfortable clothes and wear sanitary napkin around the incision. You doctor might advise you to use ointments which will help you with the itching. Let your doctor know if the wound bleeds unusually.

Move around but don’t exert yourself

Nothing can be as obvious a healing technique as moving around to let your body adapt better. There might be women who can exercise in the later stages of pregnancy but it’s extremely difficult post-partum. Vaginal deliveries are advised a few weeks of rest and a little longer for C-section deliveries. Nonetheless, you must walk around; start with your room, then your house and eventually the neighborhood. Don’t venture out alone though, lest you feel weary in a certain circumstance. Moving around will improve blood circulation and strengthen your muscles. It will also help you with constipation and gas problems. Pregnancy might induce depression or at least some form of gloom in you and a little exercise will help relieve stress and improve your mood and decrease the swings.

Tackling bowel movements

It can be particularly difficult to get back to normal when it concerns bowel movement since blood is diverted from your digestive system. You might experience some discomfort while passing bowel movements. It might be painful due to swelling. To help ease them, eat fiber rich foods and move around a little bit to assist the natural processes of the body. The stitches will hold out but you’re not supposed to strain yourself by trying too hard. Let things take the natural course of action.

Use ice on swelled up areas. For aching breasts, you can use an ice-pad or warm water bottle to relive the pain. Buy comfortable nursing bras. All in all, you’ll just forget the problems by investing your energy in taking care of your child. Moreover, with the advent of online medical stores, it is very easy to search and purchase any medical product that you may need like heating pad or even something like venturi masks which further adds to your convenience.

Finally, cherish the joy of being a mother!

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