6 Life Lessons by Robin Sharma to Lead a World Class Life

When it comes to motivational talks, Robin Sharma is the one who can literally make you get on your toes. Everything that he has taught in his podcast and books are life changing.

While following his 20-20-20 regime today, I decided to spend my last 20 minutes by hearing his podcast on life lessons to lead a world class life. Here I share with you the same.

Rule # 1 – Small Wins Matter

A great life is not built by revolution, a great life is built by evolution. There is a reason why small and steady wins the race because what you do everyday is far important than what you do once in a year or a decade.

By doing it everyday you inculcate a habit. This habit becomes your reality in future. This habit will make you win the race by mere one second in the final race. Small daily improvements will lead you to stunning results. After all, tiny wins are the way to greatness. All the great companies you see today are built by small steady daily innovation and optimization which in the long turn made them world class.

Rule # 2 – Nothing Fails Like Success

You are successful now? Great! This makes you stand in a vulnerable place now because you can trip down from the peak of success any given time. We all know it is easy to fall from a peak than a surface and the fall obviously will be very hurtful.

It is one thing to be successful now but it is another thing to sustain success over the decade. This is the reason why Robin Sharma urges you to always aim for big. Aim to be an icon, a legendary in your field rather than just being a star.

Besides, success can be toxic as it plays your mind. You shift from humility to arrogance. So, as you become successful, become more humble, as you become successful, work even harder, as you become successful, care more about your product, as you become successful, learn more. Focus more, be even more punctual.

Rule # 3 – No Ask, No Get

There is a huge power in asking for what you want. If you want anything just ask. Until and unless you ask nobody knows what you seek. If the world doesn’t know what you need, how will it deliver it you? If you brain doesn’t know what you want, how will it function to get what you want?

Nobody is a mind reader whether it is your spouse, clients, suppliers, or your dealers. You’ll only get things that which you want by asking. So, if you want something, set your goals, write it down on a journal, ask yourself what you want. Ask. Ask. Ask.

Rule # 4 – Prosperity Is Really a Reflection of Value Delivery ~ Robin Sharma

If you want to make millions, serve millions. If you want to make billions, help billions. Marketplace really rewards the value you produce. Almost all the personality development coaches talk about this topic, yet we forget it easily.

As a businessman, coach, entertainer or whatever service you are giving now to others, your mantra of your life should be, “How to add value so that you serve your end user phenomenally?”. Take the example of Steve Jobs. Why did thousands of people queued to buy his products three days in advance? Well, because he and his team gave much value to user experience in all their products.

Rule # 5 – Those Who Don’t Make Time for Exercise Must Eventually Make Time for Illness

If you have heard any of the podcasts of Robin, you know how much importance he gives to exercises. His 20-20-20 formula first starts with exercise. The reason he insists you to exercise and sweat is because sweat releases BDNF – chemical in the brain that grows neural connections.

When you work out, your body also releases a neurotransmitter called as dopamine which not only helps in keeping motivated but also in keeping us happy. Besides, it is always good to be healthy, so do not ever compromise with your health and fitness. If you neglect health for wealth today, you’ll have to utilize all your wealth for your health tomorrow.

Rule # 6 – Failure is the Price of Greatness

Respect and admiration belongs to people in the arena who has the dreams, who has the vision, who rolls up the sleeves and has the guts to do the vision done.

Anyone can be a critic. Interestingly, critics most criticize the work they wish they did. Adversity is the price of ambition. It is never too late, get your dreams done no matter how many times you have failed or from how many years you are struggling.

You can hear the full podcast of these life lessons by Robin Sharma here.

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