7 Steps you must follow to Write A Professional Academic paper

Writing an academic essay or paper can be quite challenging if it is your first time. That is why, it is important to understand the process of writing a paper before starting to write. You have to begin with thoroughly understanding the subject matter of the essay and provide its solution based on the available data, facts, information, calculations, and illustrations and so on.

Writing for academic paper is exceedingly competitive and it can be very stressful as well, as you are trying to get your academic paper accepted for publishing. If you are finding it difficult to write an academic paper for the first time, you can get professional help from writing cheap.

Here are some valuable tips to help you write your academic papers like an expert:

1)Understanding the subject

The first step is to read the subject matter thoroughly and try to understand it. If you are unable to understand, then you should directly get your answers from your instructor or professor in-charge.

2) Analysing the question

You have to analyse the question or argument of the topic and figure out which approach you will follow to give its solution. In case, it is an open-ended essay or you have to choose your own topic, then you must think it through. Pick a topic which can be easily researched or you already have enough information regarding it.


You have to read books related to the topic or search online for good sources of information that you can use for writing your academic paper. You must be organised while doing so. You can make index cards or jot down the important points, so that you can use them when you are drafting your piece.

4) Creating an outline of the topic

Making a clear outline of your write up will not only save your time but also prevent you from missing anything important. It has to start with an introduction, followed by the thesis, explanation with calculations or illustrations, observation and finally a proper conclusion to hold the entire topic together.

5) Writing the thesis

The thesis is the most vital part of your paper.  It is the statement you have determined to prove in the rest of your essay. So, it has be written very thoughtfully.

6) References

You have to mention all the references that you have used in the paper to elucidate the argument or question of your paper. For example, you have to write the name of the book and author from where you have used a particular illustration or experiment.

7) Proofreading and finalising the paper

After you have made the first draft of the academic essay, you must proofread it to avoid leaving out any points. You must also check for grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. The final step is to make a final draft of the write-up that you have to submit.

Once you start following these steps, it won’t be difficult anymore. You will be successful in producing an exceptionally good academic paper, just like an expert.

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