Aadhaar Card: From a 007 Flick to a Ramsay Brothers Film!

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Back in 2010, when I got my Aadhaar Card sans my birthdate (the initial lots had only the birth year), I had no clue what this government identity proof could do. It wasn’t really like a Rahul Gandhi speech, completely meaningless but somewhat like an eliachi in my Hyderabadi dum biryani plate, totally unnecessary.

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For years, the use, features, and benefits of Aadhaar card were nothing short of a 007 movie, full of suspense. Nobody had any idea what the document would do but everybody stood in the huge queues to make one. While my dad was adamant not to make one, I was compelled to do, well, because, my mom said so. And how could I not, when everybody in my society was already sweating it out in the local municipality school!

And when in 2014, Kapoor sahab’s deshbhakt NRI daughter living in Amrika claimed how this document with a tiranga in it alone can turn India into a developing nation, my life felt like a Jan dhan account that which has a deposit of Rs. 15 lakhs! I knew my sweat and demanding work of standing in that long serpentine queue would transform my life one day.

And you know what? My life did finally find its purpose when Jaitleyji dropped the A-bomb. The 12-digit number which had zero use earlier is now as mandatory as running an anti-virus on your PC. When recently, the Income Tax Website rejected the XML sheet of my ITR3 (AY 2017-18) sans my Aadhar number and asked me to upload the one with my Aadhaar number, my chest suddenly expanded to 56 inches. Believe me, I couldn’t control my Khushi ke aansu as I cried, “Acche Din!”

Every time, my mobile operator, my bank, the gas agency and even the local baniya asks me to link my Aadhar number, I feel so proud and honoured just like the social media trolls do when the top brass politicians follow them on Twitter. Yes, the day wouldn’t be far when the local sulabh shauchalya would ask you to give your Aadhar number before you enter to pee or poop.

India surely is rising and rising so what if our fellow brothers and sisters from Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir are devoid of Aadhaar cards when it is mandatory in rest of the country, so what when a student of J&K studying in Delhi cannot get a new mobile connection and/or a scholarship because he/she doesn’t have the colourful card with a tiranga?

Shame on these unpatriotic people who didn’t make ultimate sacrifices like toiling their khun and passena by standing in those serpentine queues for the development of our motherland to remove terrorism, corruption, black money and everything bad that is stopping our country from becoming incredible. Now, these anti-national people including my dad who didn’t enrol for Aadhaar card are paying their prices. The very Aadhar they made fun of and taunted has been now haunting them just like the desi pyaasi chudaail of a Ramsay brothers film. After all, Aadhar card is most likely to be mandatory for marriage registration and death certificates.

All thanks to Jaitleyji and Modiji for setting up this evolutionary step to bring Acche Din and punish these anti-nationals and procrastinators. As it is, they are a hindrance to the development of our nation. What a masterstroke!

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I’m telling you, this Aadhar-bomb just like the Demonitization-bomb is a powerful tool for the development of our country to remove corruption, black money and radicalism. So, what if it violates our privacy? Isn’t it our duty to sacrifice now for the greater good of our motherland tomorrow?


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