All You Wanted to Know About the First-Ever Dog Park in Navi Mumbai

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In picture, our Oscar having his fun time
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One of the biggest problems faced by all pet parents in any urban area across India is the lack of dedicated space for their furry babies outside. This is the reason why it becomes so difficult for a pet parent to take their dogs out or for that matter any pet outside for a fun time. And with the growing adoption of dogs and pets, the problem has become all the more crucial. Perhaps this is the reason why Navi Mumbai will have its very first-ever dog park. Yes, you heard that right.

Here, we share all about the First-Ever Dog Park in Navi Mumbai

A Dog Park Is in The Making in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Within the existing Veer Savarkar Udyan (Sagar Vihar) in Vashi, an area of 870 sq metre has been designated for Navi Mumbai’s first-ever dog park. The work has been started and is expected to finish in 2 to 3 months.

Navi Mumbai’s Dog Park Will Have Equipment for Your Dog to Play and Have Fun

The park is planned and designed in a way that it will have enough ways to keep your dogs entertained. Some of the equipment expected are stepping paws, hurdles and balancing beams. Apart from having a seating area for pet parents, there will also be a water station for pets.
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The Park is Planned by Considering All Sizes and Types

Not all dogs are the same and not all breeds are similar. Considering these facts, the park will have different types of equipment to suit all types and sizes. Also, this Navi Mumbai’s Pet park is expected to have a separate entry and exit gate.

Poop Bins Have Been Proposed Too

To ensure the park is clean and not littered with dog poops, the park with a budget of Rs. 26 lakh is also expected to have Poop bins.

It is indeed a good thing that finally Navi Mumbai will have an exclusive place for dogs where families can bring their pet along and have fun.
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However, it didn’t happen overnight. It all started four years ago after pet parents demanded such a place for their furry babies before Divya Gaikwad, the corporator of Ward 64 who then presented the proposal to N.
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Ramaswamy, then Municipal Commissioner.

We just hope the first-ever dog park in Navi Mumbai sees the light of the day as early as pawsibble and similar pet parks should be built across every nook and corner of India.
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