7 Dos and Don’ts Before You Adopt a Pet Puppy and Become a Pet Parent

before you adopt a pet puppy - dos and don'ts
The Featured Puppy is our Baby Oscar. Oscar is currently 2.5 years

A little bundle of joy, a baby full of happiness and a whole lot of cuteness, a pet puppy is everything anybody would want. After all, everybody seeks love, comfort and an adorable companion or a family addition. However, before you adopt a pet puppy you need to know the basic dos and don’ts to decide whether or not you are capable of being a pet parent or a pawrent.  

Adopting a Pet Puppy is a Commitment for at least 10 to 12 Years

Take your time to decide whether you want to adopt a puppy because bringing them home means they are no less than your baby. Also, this newest family member needs a commitment from your side for at least 10 to 12 years.

Don’t – Never bring a pet puppy home on impulse or just because you feel lonely or your kid needs a puppy to play with.

Think Whether You Have the Time, Energy and Resources

A pet puppy is no less than a baby so the moment he/she enters your home, your life is going to change 360 degrees. Now think and introspect whether you and/or your family members have the time and energy for this baby; whether your family will have enough resources to keep up the newest addition to your family?

Don’t – Even if you feel sorry for an abandoned puppy don’t bring him/her home if you cannot give your time and energy. 

Give it a Thought about the Caring Part – the Food, the Medication, The Training

You cannot bring a puppy and expect the munchkin to grow on its own. Right from the food to the vaccination, medication and the very basic trainings like potty training, you have to ensure that everything is rightly taken care of. You have to take responsibility of these things.

Don’t – This is the reason why you shouldn’t gift a pet puppy to anybody no wonder how much they love/adore pets.

The Pet Puppy is Going to Grow

Now before you adopt a pet puppy, please be reminded that this little one is going to grow sooner than you think and will become bigger and bigger. This means, the big boy eventually will need his space, good amount of food, doctor’s visits/check-ups and somebody to take him for his daily dose of stroll and run.

Oscar strolling out in the field

Don’t – Skip the idea of adopting a puppy altogether if you think you or your family members can’t provide him with all the above things.

Before You Adopt a Pet Puppy, Consult with Your Family Members

Whether you are the provider in the family or the person who is going to take care of the family, you have to consult with your family members before you take the major step. No wonder, a pet puppy is a family and once he becomes a member of the family, he/she is going to be surrounded by them all – while somebody is going to pay for the food/medicine, somebody is going to prepare the food and take him/her to the doctor. It is a complete commitment.

Don’t just think that once you bring the pet, the family will adopt and things will change for better. Don’t adopt on assumption or speculation.

Seek Advice from Pet Parents and Those Who are Already Living with Pets

It is always important if we seek proper guidance and also talk to pet parents about their experience with nurturing these furry babies. Their instruction, direction along with years of involvement will give you a thorough understanding about the process and a heads up whether or not you are ready for this commitment.

Don’t ignore the dos and don’ts mentioned about pet care from pet parents.

Make Sure Your Housing Society Has No Objection

This one is not in your control but before you adopt a pet puppy ensure you know the pet rules and regulation in the housing society that you live. If there are no such rules make sure you know that the society has no objection.

Don’t take a pet puppy home if your society has an objection because then you will have to either abandon the puppy or be willing to shift to an altogether different place.

before you adopt a pet puppy - dos and don'ts
The Featured Puppy is our Baby Oscar. Oscar is currently 2.5 years

These are some of the most basic Dos and Don’ts you need to follow before adopting a pet. Pet lovers and Pet parents can add more points in the comment section if you think there are more points that need special mention.

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