Pet Owners, These Innovative Pet Tech Gadgets Will Change Your Life Forever

Pet owners love their pets but everybody knows that bringing up these furry friends isn’t a easy job. It is a big responsibility and comes with a list of chores on its own. However, with lots of recent inventions in regards to pet care, owning a pet and taking good care of them have become significantly easier. Yes, I’m talking about some cool pet tech gadgets that can help you take care of your pretty kitties and good doggies without you going crazy, messy or too anxious.

Pet Hair Remover

While vacuuming can get away most of the pet hair from your carpet, there are some remnants left behind no matter how much you clean it. With a pet hair remover, you can pick up the last remaining fur in your carpet. This gadget can also take the fur off upholstery, bedding, and even furniture. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to clean, making it a true convenience to pet owners, especially those in an apartment or modern townhome.

Deshedding Tool

Even the best-groomed animals shed. During shedding season in the spring and fall, fur can accumulate on every surface in your apartment. Cleaning this mess is a hassle, so preventing ‘it’ is indeed a better solution. With the help of a de-shedding tool, you can not only pull out the excess fur but also avoid a fur fiasco. Small and easy to clean, this is quite an important pet tech gadget for pet lovers.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Everybody loves their cat, but nobody likes cleaning the litter box. A self-cleaning litter box can prevent most of the smell commonly associated with litter boxes due to its frequent cleaning and scooping. Most, if not all self-cleaning litter boxes are automatic. This means when the box detects your cat has used the bathroom, it will automatically scoop the mess after a certain amount of time. Since self-cleaning litter boxes are usually hooded, this also eliminates the potential mess of a cat flinging litter everywhere.

Pet Camera

Keep an eye on your pet from anywhere with a pet camera. Pet cameras may give peace of mind to pet owners who worry while they are away, but they are also great for ensuring good behavior in your animals. Some even allow you to dispense a treat or play with your pet.

Paw Cleaner

Since dogs use the bathroom outside, it is not uncommon for pet owners to frequently sweep and mop their floors due to dirty paws. Rainy days and mud puddles can spell disaster for carpets. With a paw cleaner, you can ensure your pet’s paws are clean before taking them back inside. This comes in handy especially for those in an apartment since you likely can’t just replace the carpet. Most paw cleaners are simple and just require you to take your pet’s paw through a cuff or mug-like object to remove dirt and debris.

Living with pets can be tough, but it can be even tougher in an apartment setting. With more rules and standards, it’s essential to keep your pets on their best behavior and minimize dirt caused by them. This can be done by using a few products for pet owners, such as a de-shedding tool or self-cleaning litter box. A pet hair remover also makes clean up a breeze when you must get fur out of every surface in your home. Whether it’s a cat or dog, managing life can be made easier with some of these pet tech gadgets.

Happy Parenting!

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