All You Wanted to Know about Sanjay Mandavia, Founder of Flybig Airlines

Sanjay Mandavia, in Grey suit

In 2020 our country got one more domestic airline on board, Flybig – The new airlines of India. A regional airline, Flybig aims to connect tier-2 cities in India conveniently under the UDAN scheme proposed a few years ago. While FlyBig is creating a lot of buzz of late now, here we share every interesting fact about its founder Sanjay Mandavia.

The Early Background – Sanjay Mandavia Was Once a Pilot in Kingfisher Airlines

The Mumbai based pilot with more than 20+ years of experience was a DGCA approved check pilot on Airbus 330 for Kingfisher Airlines. When Kingfisher Airlines was tanking, Sanjay too was off duty in 2012 and had not received his salary for 6 months. With nobody hiring and the industry seeing its worst, Mandavia was losing his mental ease and it was at this time he decided to reboot his career as an entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneurial Shift – From Pilot to the Proprietor of FWSTC and Founding Member of FSTC

In the same year 2012, Sanjay ventured upon his startup Flywing Aviation with an intention to offer stimulated trainings to pilot for the very first time in India while partnering with an international investor, thus forming, Flywings Stimulator Training Center (FWSTC).

Mandavia is also a founding member of India’s top simulator center, FSTC -Flight Simulator Technique Centre. FSTC is a leading provider of pilot training for Individual Aviation Professionals and Airlines. It has its state-of-the-art training centers in Gurugram and Hyderabad. With his experience and knowledge, he has grown business from 2 simulators to 9 simulator and from a turnover of Rs. 6 crores in 2012 to Rs. 150 crores in 2020.

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The Positions Held by Sanjay Mandavia – Owner of FlyBig

As of today, Mandavia holds the following position

  • Proprietor at Fly Wings International Private Limited, Mumbai.
  • Director at Fly Wings Aviation Private Limited, Mumbai.
  • Director at Fly Wings Aviation Charter Services, New Zealand.
  • Director at Fly Wings Charter Services Private Limited, Mumbai.
  • Accountable Manager, Fly Wings Simulator Training Centre Private Limited, Mumbai.
  • Accountable Manager, Flight Simulation Technique Centre Private Limited (FSTC), Gurgaon.

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Once a Jet Airways Employee, the FlyBig Owner Lost His Bid to Acquire Jet Airways

Mandavia was in a race to acquire Jet Airways and had plans to merge FlyBig with Jet Airways. However, he lost his bid to UK based financial firm Jalan-Kalrock consortium. He still believes that his deal was more credible and better. Interestingly, before joining Kingfisher Airlines, Mandavia was a captain pilot with Jet Airways.

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These were some of the most interesting facts around Sanjay Mandavia. With FlyBig he is definitely going to change the map of regional tourism in India.

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