5 Common mistakes You Must Avoid While Writing An Admission Essay

An admission essay needs to be exceptionally good so that it helps you in getting shortlisted amongst several candidates in the race. Though a straightforward approach without being over confident or offensive, with an excellent writing style is the recipe for an outstanding admission essay, one has to ensure that the essay is meaningful and crisp.

This is the reason why writing an essay for the first time requires an expert assistance like GPA Labs to begin with. While, the experts can aid you with tips, here we share steps on how to avoid writing a bad admission essay by avoiding these common mistakes:

1) Problems with selection of the topic

The primary way to screw up an admission essay is to be inept about what the essay is about or how you have discussed certain related experiences. The topic you choose should not portray that you don’t have a good sense of judgment or maturity. A bad topic can indicate that you are disconnected from the outside world and you focus only on yourself.

2) Problems related to execution

You will end up writing a bad essay if your sentences are not properly structured. So you have to ensure your essay makes sense after all the points are put together. Not only that, grammar errors or spelling mistakes are a big turn off too.

Your essay must be substantive so that it keeps the reader hooked right till the end. If not, there are high chances of getting rejected. Also, make sure that your essay is not monotonous. So, avoid repeating the same accomplishments or points over and over again.

3) Being overconfident and offensive

Anything that portray you as overal confident about yourself in your admission essay can turn suicidal. This is the reason it is advised that you must avoid bragging to make yourself the perfect hero of your essay. So, be extra careful when you mention your abilities, and don’t overdo it.

4) Too clichéd or boring

Unless the essay is interesting, the reader will not read it completely. So, you must ensure that your essay is neither boring nor filled with the same old clichéd stuff that everyone writes. Your aim should be to gain the reader’s attention so that your essay remains in his mind even if he  reads thousands of other essays.

5) Failing to proofread

Most people find it difficult to check and edit their own writing, thereby, failing to proofread.  This is the reason why it is necessary to get hold of a person or a professional to proofread your writing, someone who has a good eye for detail. In addition, get your admission essay checked for grammar, punctuation and/or spelling slip ups before your final draft.

Lastly, before you finalize your admission essay, you must make sure that it is devoid of any of the above mistakes. Once done, you can then send the essay to the college/university you are applying for.

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