Why Affirmations are Powerful? How Can You Make Them Work for You?

Affirmations are powerful

We all know affirmations are powerful but most of us despite reciting them don’t know why they are powerful and how they touch the subconscious mind so effectively that it turns our thoughts into reality. While, many of us think affirmations as a modern-day phenomenon, it isn’t really. After all, the monks have been saying affirmations forever. The Sanskrit mantras used for chanting are nothing but affirmations that are repeatedly said over and over again i.e. 108 times on a mala of 108 beads similar to the Catholic rosary.

Affirmations are powerful

In affirmations, there are three elements that are necessary – Precise use of positive words, concise visualization and corresponding feeling. Most people fail to identify this when it comes to saying affirmations. They simply pronounce the words thinking the subconscious would accept it as a command but do not understand that without any visualization or feeling it remains unaffected.

If Affirmations are Powerful, Why it Isn’t working for you? How can you make them work for you?

Let’s take an example –

“I love Mars” – Precise usage of positive words

Now when I say the word “I” my mind knows that I’m talking about me. When I say the word “love” my mind knows that she likes it, she enjoys it, she adores it as that’s what loves mean to me. When I say the word ‘mars’, my mind gets confused. My subconscious search for everything that is associated to the word Mars – the chocolate, the planet, Bruno Mars, the Roman God of war etc. Now this makes the subconscious mind wonder what ‘Mars’ is she talking about. It has no idea what am I talking about.

So, words alone are not enough. That is the reason why we have visualization. When I say, “I love Mars” and I visualize the yummy chocolaty bar and feel the taste, my mind knows precisely what I want. This is the reason why words and visualization are so very important and so are the feelings. Feeling is after all an emotion and emotion is nothing but energy. Everything is made of energy that is vibrating in certain frequency.

No wonder, if your subconscious is full of patterns that are vibrating at a certain frequency and if you can go into your subconscious and create a pattern, infuse it with energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency, you can attract things of a similar nature to it. 

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So, if I repeat an affirmation that have precise usage of positive words, vivid visualization and I infuse my energy into it, it starts to vibrate in my subconscious mind with that frequency. Next, my mind attracts anything of a similar vibration/frequency. Now, energy is not able to discriminate between what’s good for you and what’s not good for you. This is the reason why despite using concise choice of words and visualizing the right thing, affirmations do not really work for you. The reason? Well, your energy that is vibrating at a certain low frequency ends up attracting something very similar. This is precisely the reason why many people end up attracting different guys/girls but of the same type they always wanted to avoid.

Yes, not just the right words, clear visualization but feelings too are quite vital while affirming that which you want. Affirmations are powerful only if the above three elements are perfectly blended in your mind. You just cannot blurt out, ‘I’m wealthy enough’ repeatedly and assume the affirmation to work in your favour when you simply cannot stop feeling unfortunate and/or visualizing the growing debts in your mind.

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Now you know how can you make affirmations work for you? Well then, how about passing it to your tribe?

This article is inspired by Dandapani’s interview on London Real.

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