6 Keys to Create Successful Positive Affirmations!

Often you might have the right thought and the right intention, but your words might not be correct or powerful enough to set your intentions straight so that you can manifest your thoughts and make it as your life’s reality. Perhaps you are one step away from knowing how to create successful positive affirmations.

Based on the teachings of manifesting gurus, coach, guides and self experience, here we share sure-shot rules that work wonders in manifestation. Pay attention to each of the Six rules, and you’ll have the key to manifest your destiny, the way you desire.

1. Positive Affirmations Should Always be POSITIVE in True Sense

So, avoid all sort of negative words and/or phrases. Stay away from words such as no, not, never, can’t, won’t, don’t. The reason being, the words that we think and utter, plays an important role in creating an image (mentally) that sums up the language of our subconscious mind.

So, if we use negative words, our subconscious mind tends to work on these negative aspects instead of focusing on the positive traits.

Not just these clear cut negative words but also avoid the usage of words and phrases that imply the negative. Let your positive affirmations be minus the words like –  stop, avoid, quit, refrain, give up, get rid of, lose etc.

Never affirm what you are trying to get away from but the gain that you are planning to attain. In simple words, if you are trying to get that ideal weight, affirm your ideal weight like 50 kg, 55 kg or whatever, but not on how many kgs you want to lose or get rid of.

Avoid using verbs that implies lack of something. For instance, the sentence that starts with “I want…..or I desire…or I wish… or I would like….” implies deficiency, shortfall and scarcity. So, these words focus on the absence of something in your life, in this case you’ll always be in the state of wanting.

So stay away from these words and affirm with positive verbs like having, doing, being etc.

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2. Affirmations Should Always Be in the PRESENT Tense

I would like to repeat the point from my earlier article (Law of Attraction: 5 Things To Know Before You Start Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality!) here – Thinking positive is the route to powerful intentions but it is just the first step. The second step is to turn all your positive thoughts into positive affirmations and that too in present tense.

“I will attract love of my sweetheart” or “I would get my dream job” might be positive but it is in future tense. It means you are placing your desire  beyond reach. Do remember, change always happen in the present, the future doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, by saying your positive affirmations in the present tense like “I’m attracting abundance”, “I’m deserving all the love that flows my way” ensures that your subconscious mind gets onto work right away.

By saying out your affirmations in the present tense, it becomes easier for you to create the necessary feelings, emotions and visualizations. There is a huge difference between saying “I’ll be so happy when …” and saying “I’m so happy now that …”.

So, don’t make the mistake of projecting what you want into the future.

3. Always Keep these Affirmations PERSONAL

Make sure that your affirmations are for you only and not for others. The reason being, you can change only yourself, not others. Even if you might have good intentions for others, it might not be ‘the thing’ that they want. So, confine your positive thoughts, self-talk and affirmations only to yourself.

Besides, you should use only those affirmations that you think and feel applies to you rightly. Affirmations from website, and other source is a good start but if you are not comfortable with certain words or if a certain doubt crops up in your mind, then make sure you change it and customize the sentence in a way that feels right to you.

4 – Positive Affirmations Should Be Specific and PRECISE

Before you begin, be brief in describing your desires. The more accurate you describe your wish, the better it is to manifest. Illustrate as much as you can, give out the details and envision the best outcome.

Nevertheless, in order to turn your thoughts into reality, your subconscious mind seeks a clear-cut picture to work on. So ensure you give out all the details clearly. Nevertheless, vague thoughts and affirmations will only generate vague outcomes.

While doing so, avoid comparative words like better, more, greater and/or best. Using comparative words in your affirmations compels your subconscious state of mind to compare ‘what you desire’ with ‘what you do not wish to have’. This divides your energy into both positive and negative thoughts.

Make sure you avoid all sort of ambiguous words. Instead, be precise with something that you are truly comfortable with. The more clear and defined your thoughts are, the more effective will be your affirmations.

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5. Make these Positive Affirmations POWERFUL

Nothing works without using emotions, as the subconscious mind works more effectively on those thoughts which have the most feelings or emotions. The more passion, faith, trust and energy you put into your affirmation, the more productive and effective it will be.

So make sure you use words and phrases that excite you, empower you and inspire you. Add your favorite words and adjectives to give your affirmations more powerful. You can use adverbs such as consistently, joyfully, lovingly, calmly, happily and passionately as well as words like brilliant, fantastic, outstanding and incredible. The more emotions and power you give to your affirmations, the faster it works.

Further, you can pen down positive words and phrases that bestows you with a sense of hope, which in turn excite you for the future – inspiring you to take action. Affirm words that keep you motivated all throughout – Words that brings a smile on your face as you envision your future into present. Let it be feel-good, motivating, optimistic and appealing.

Your new thoughts need to offer a sense of hope and excitement for the future. They need to inspire you to action. They need to keep you motivated. Use your conscious mind to create the perfect affirmations. But ensure that the words you use appeal to your imagination and your heart.

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6. Make them Short and Concise like PUNCH Lines

Short and precise sentence works better for the subconscious mind. So, go in details but keep your positive affirmations as short and sweet as possible. After all, you don’t want lengthy statements that can only complicate things.

Here is an example for better understanding (In case you are a budding businessman):

I have a spacious new office.
My new office is very open and large, with cubicles and cabins.
My conference room has the state-of-the-art technology.
And so on …

You can also add rhyme scheme in your affirmations as it is becomes all the more easy to remember and affirm.

That’s all!

So, if you seriously wish to change things in your life, you must be ready to feed your subconscious mind with such positive affirmations with a big smile on your face – emitting power, excitement, energy and emotions. Keep repeating your affirmations, let your thoughts become things as you manifest your destiny yourself.

Happy Manifesting!

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