Law of Attraction: 5 Things To Know Before You Start Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality!

The Universe is tuning in constantly and answering to your vibrational frequency. Everything that you think, attracts you like a magnet. Well, you might have already read or seen the book/movie “Secret” and while you know everything about the Law of Attraction, here we share five things about manifesting your dreams/desires/wishful thinking that will assist you to stay on the right track before you pull your socks to turn your powerful intentions into reality.

Thoughts Are Things. Thoughts Become Reality

Whatever you think will become your reality. So, ask what you really want. Think and feel it, write it on a paper, in a diary, draw on a vision board – The way you FEEL in sync with your belief and thoughts will decide the shape and sculpture of your reality. Nevertheless, your life is a by product of your emotional thought patterns.

Law of Attraction: Be Clear and Specific. Elaborate and Get Into Details

When you are hugely clear on what you want to build/create and manifest, the benevolent Universe will have a lucid and clear-cut order to understand and comprehend. No wonder, the Universe is in love with specificity and thrives on details.

In the first month of my manifestation process, I had less work as a freelancer. With lots of bills to be paid, I started thinking of lots of projects and assignments coming my way. “More assignment and project to _____ Enterprise and” – I shouted out loud to the Universe.

However, I didn’t realize that all I’m attracting is work and projects, which doesn’t guarantee me a timely payment or cash to clear my bills. I did manifest work but not a handsome income. Realizing this through my experience, the next month, I was pretty much clear.

So, I began,

“I’m grateful to the Universe as my Adsense account income is exceeding $350 for the month of August”

For my pending payments -“I’m grateful to the Universe as my earning from _____ (Rs. 40,000) is reflecting in my bank account.”

My problem was no more an issue and money started flowing. Interestingly, with a clear-cut thought process, more and more projects with hefty sum started coming my way.

Say Out Loud or in Mind: Positive Affirmations in Present Tense

The book Secret by Rhonda Byrne played a vital role in my life. I not only attracted wealth, abundance and unconditional love but also become a lot more positive in life. However, although the law of attraction gave me whooping results, it didn’t work for half of the people I gifted the book. It was rather strange as they too were thinking positively with utmost dedication.

At that point of time, I didn’t realize what am I doing right that is helping me, and what are my friends missing ‘it’ out. Over the years I realized that though thinking positive is the route to powerful intentions, it is just the first step. The second step is to turn all your positive thoughts into positive affirmations and that too in present tense.

“I will attract love of my sweetheart” or “I’m going to get my dream job” might be positive but it is in future tense. It means you are placing your desire  beyond reach. Do remember, change always happen in the present, the future doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, by saying your positive affirmations in the present tense like “I’m attracting love”, “I’m deserving all the love that flows my way” makes sure that your subconscious mind gets onto work right away.

By saying out your affirmations in the present tense, it becomes easier for you to create the necessary feelings, emotions and visualizations. There is a huge difference between saying “I’ll be so happy when …” and saying “I’m so happy now that …”.

So, don’t make the mistake of projecting what you want into the future.

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Be Open

Whatever you wish and desire will be manifested by the Universe in ways you might not expect at all. So, don’t stress yourself on the possibilities. Everything that you wish and affirm, will shape into reality. Everything is possible for the Universe – Your wish is their command and it can design, formulate and build any new pattern or circumstances that will fulfill your desires.  

So, trust the Universe completely, be open and never, yes, never limit yourself to think according to what is present in your reality. Think what you wish to perceive, not on the basis of what you have today. You are WORTHY of everything you wish to receive.

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Law of Attraction: Express Gratitude and Be Grateful

The teacher and guides of Law of Attraction always emphasise on “attitude of gratitude”. So, why is it so important to thank the Universe and the people around you?

Well, ‘gratitude’ puts you in the vibration of your desires being fulfilled. When you are grateful in advance, you are feeling the process and even responding to the completed manifestation cycle at the level of knowing.

I’ll share my personal experience – When I thought of manifesting Rs. 40,000 from a certain person who had to pay me back, I started thanking him in advance during the day in my thoughts. I often thank my ex, my associates, my partners, my working staff for all the things they did/do for me in my thoughts and send it out to the Universe. 

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This way I not only stay positive, but also share positive vibes with these wonderful people that surround my life. Over the time, I have also acquired the habit of thanking strangers in my thoughts and prayers who touched me even in the simplest way. There is no healing energy as powerful as gratitude. Gratitude is love – an unconditional love that dissolves all the blocks for receiving what you wish to seek.  

While, you can manifest anything and everything at any point of time, there are certain times of the month, that are highly favorable for planning and seeding your powerful intentions into reality. Watch for my next article (Know the Auspicious Day & Powerful Steps for Manifestation & Intention Settingthat will focus on “special days” of every month that have the power of surfacing your ideas and visions into reality.

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