Law of Attraction: Know the Auspicious Day & Powerful Steps for Manifestation & Intention Setting

In my previous article Law of Attraction: 5 Things To Know Before You Start Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality!, I had promised to tell you the most favorable and auspicious time of the month to manifest destiny – turning your desires into reality. As promised, I’m here to disclose the perfect day every month to empower and energize your powerful intentions so that it becomes a reality.

Law of Attraction: The Right Time to Manifest Destiny!

Did you know that the moon have a great impact on the ebb and flow in our bodies, our sleep patterns, emotions, as well as menstrual cycles? The fact that our body consists of 70 per cent water? and the universal truth that just as the moon is pushing and pulling the waves of the sea and ocean, it is also influencing the waves of our emotions and mood – which is interrelated with the fluids in our body?

Now that the moon plays an important role in moving our bodily fluids and moods, it also works wonders dynamically, in terms of influencing energy for new beginnings or manifesting our deepest wishes and desires.

Wondering which phase of the moon works wonders for manifestation? Well, it’s the “New Moon!” New Moon or no moon stands for fresh beginning, receiving and creating anew. It is the right time for preparing for changes – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Law of Attraction: The Power of New Moon for Manifestation

The time of new moon and the week that leads up the new moon is quite a magical time to manifest exciting and new beginnings. It is that time of the month when you just have to make a list of things that you really really want in the coming month, weeks or year, so that you can create and manifest everything that you seek in your life successfully.

While, you can manifest anything at any time, the time of new moon every month have the power to recalibrate and recharge your energy proportionately to the right amount of consciousness you bring to the situation.

So, how do you begin? Simply, by performing a new moon ritual!

Law of Attraction: The Power of New Moon Ritual for Manifestation

There is no hard and fast rules for new moon rituals, you can do it in your own way with the basic necessities that influence your ritual. While, there are several methods known, I’ll share the one I have been following, which is giving me tremendous results.

Thanks to my best friend and love who gifted me the beautiful book “The Source” by the manifesting queen Ursula James that made me realize the power of new moon in manifestation. Here is my way of new moon ritual as learnt from the book:

New Moon Ritual: Before you begin, Gather Your Supplies

To set clear affirmations and intentions, you as a manifestor will need something to write and/or draw them down. After all, the Universe is in love with specificity and also hand-written pleas. When you write from a pen onto the paper, you create incredible power.

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So, a pen/pencil and a diary is essential to begin your session. The reason I insist on a diary is so that you can keep an account of your desires and also the record of your wishes. In a way, you’ll also know what you are doing right.

Besides, you’ll need incense sticks (Agarbatti), a candle, a small fireproof bowl of water, crystal (if you have), and a pot with a sapling or simply with mud in it. Ensure that you keep all these things safely and do not use them for any other purpose.

Create a Sacred Space In Your Home or Garden

Whether it is a favorite place in your room, an altar, your study table, kitchen table or a comfortable space in your garden, simply create a space of beauty where you can keep candles, incense sticks, diary, vision boards, and other symbolic stuffs that conjure the deepest feeling of ingenuity.

How to Begin: Clear and Open the Space

You can keep your rituals safe by opening a circle before and closing it afterwards. Before each ritual, the circle is opened. This action is to reinforce the fact that you are preparing a special place – a protect space in which to act. You can either open the circle by moving your hand clockwise and closing it later in anti clockwise or simply closing your eyes and mentally opening/closing the space.

When you do this, chant some mantras you know. Or simply go with this –

“Dear Universe, may I now be permitted to offer my request so that it becomes my reality…May these intentions unfold in the perfect divine timing for the greatest good of all involved…”

Now the sacred space is open, clear the space by burning a smudge stick. I burn Dhoop Batti.

Meditate for at least 5 minutes

If you want to manifest, the practice of meditation is really really important. The reason being, meditation allows you to relax and helps your desires to flow like a wave from your higher self. But, before you begin meditation, burn the candle, the incense stick, place the fireproof bowl with water, and the pot in the circle that you have opened and start meditating.

Law of Attraction: Let Your Desires Flow from Your Heart Onto the Diary

After meditating for 5 to 10 minutes, start writing your desires in the diary one by one. Before you begin, let me tell you include only positive sentences, be clear, be specific and use sentences only in present tense. As you go on, you’ll eventually perfect the art of writing positive affirmation. (Check this to know more about how to write positive affirmations)

In the next month, before you begin writing ensure you thank the Universe for all those things that turned into reality. Be grateful and express your gratitude before writing your desires into the diary.

Once you finish writing pages of your desires, read them out loud or mentally as the candle ignites, and the aroma of the incense stick spreads in every corner of the room.

Alternatively, you can also write your desires in a small sheet of paper and then burn it in the candle fire. You can do either way or any better way according to you and your comfortness. Let the candle burn it out on its own.

Once done, close the circle in the opposite direction of the way you opened the circle by saying –

“And none it harm, enhances my charm. Blessed be. By the power of three, so mote it be.”

Some desires become reality very quickly, others might take a little longer. It simply depends on us – how open we are to receiving to manifest destiny. And not just that, it also depends on how clear and confident we are about what we desire – So be open, be clear and trust the Universe when you begin your New Moon ritual.

Here are the New Moon Dates in 2017

January – 27

February – 26

March – 27

April – 26

May – 25

June – 23

July – 23

August – 21

September – 20

October – 19

November – 18

December – 18

But before that, don’t miss the last new moon of December 2016 on 29th.

Happy Manifesting!

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