5 Inspirational Thoughts & Motivational Quotes to Achieve Happiness in Personal & Professional Life!

Happiness is not a state-of-the-art-technology that is hard to acquire. In fact, it is the easiest things to manifest as an individual. Based on our readings of several spiritual leaders, Gurus, Trainers and Teachers, here we share Inspirational Thoughts and Motivational Quotes to achieve happiness in personal as well as professional Life!

Inspirational thoughts for happiness

Make Progress

It doesn’t matter what you get – Whether you get Money or an opportunity, all those things might excite you for a moment. Even a relationship can be magnificent and exciting for a while but if you don’t keep growing, the relationship is not going to stay exciting. So, the secret to real happiness is “Progress”. Progress equals happiness.

When we feel progress on a regular basis, we feel alive. This is the reason why in the beginning of the year we get this kick – I can start fresh, I can really do what my soul desires, I can expand, I can grow, I can improve, I can change or maybe better than change, I can progress. The thought of progress makes you alive, doesn’t it?

We often keep on saying that we have to work on change, but change is automatic. Your body is going to change as the years go by whether or not you want change. The weather is going to change, the economy is going to change, even your relationships are going to change. Everything in life will change, you don’t have to work on change. Change is automatic, but Progress is NOT. So, make progress and enjoy being alive.

Engage With Excitement and Inspirational Thoughts

Happiness is one of the most studied area in the human endeavor in the history of the world. Psychology and Philosophy have been talking about “Happiness” from time immemorial. Happiness is basically a common sense but it isn’t a common practice and so people struggle to find happiness.

So, what do we know about Happiness and most importantly, how do we attain it? Well, we often look at the orientation of the world when we compare our past, present and future in a specific way.  When we look at the past, we have gratitude, good memories – even if there were struggles, challenges, hardships, sufferings and turmoil, we find a place in the past where we find our sense of acceptance.

So, gratitude, peace, and acceptance allows us to be a little more free in the present. And being living in the present is what makes us happy, as this allows us to  be engaged in whatever we are doing. When we are really engaged in what we are doing, we are challenging ourselves a little bit more to bring our full conscious level to the moment of awareness.

Trainers, Gurus and teachers have often mentioned about being present at the moment and accepting the present as it is, but here we are talking about the ‘POWER OF NOW’. Get here, be here, be engaged, be present with the moment.

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And when it comes to the future, it is all about anticipating with excitement even if you think there is still going to be hardships and struggles coming your way. All you have to do is find your march, think about all those things that you are excited about your path.

Focus on your mindset, be positive, let your mind be filled with inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes that releases all those pessimism that you have garnered in your mind from so long. Let go off all the negative thoughts that have made you hostile towards ‘Hope’ and ‘Magic’ of life. Be excited about tomorrow.

Affirm positive things and be thrilled by saying, “Tomorrow I’m going to do this project I have been waiting to do from so long”, or maybe “Tomorrow I’m going to help this person”, or perhaps “Tomorrow I’m going to make the day on bed”. Find anything that excites you for tomorrow.

This is what can make you happy – Acceptance and gratitude from the past, being engaged in the present and by being excited about the future by anticipating positive thoughts and things.

Manage Your Mind

Being happy is not difficult but most of us do not know how to manage happiness because we are of the opinion that happiness is something that will ‘happen’ to us.

Imagine a 5 year old you. As a kid you were happy so by the time you are 30, you should have been ecstatic, but you are not. In fact, you might not be even half as happy as you were when you were 5. Many of us have messed our lives in so many different ways.

There are two things that are affecting us most – Memories and imaginations. Memories of what happened five years ago and imagination of what will happen day after tomorrow. Happiness is not a state. In fact, one should not focus on happiness at all, instead one should focus on oneself by knowing how to conduct oneself.


Happiness and misery is a choice and by managing your mind, you only choose what you want, and not otherwise. If you manage your mind well and have control on it, you’ll neither be angry, sad, miserable nor anybody can make you one.

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Happiness

We often do not live in moments rather we plan Happiness. Stop sacrificing your momentary happiness for imaginary happiness.

Learn to be happy in moments. Focus on momentary happiness. For instance, if you are not liking few things in your life currently, try to change by replacing it with something that might make you feel good and blissful.

Technically, you do not have to be in pain, if there is no gain. Manage your mind, bring the change you want and progress with it.

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Appreciate Right Now

Our mindset often look into things that we don’t have and is on a continuous journey to have them. However, the right mindset is to appreciate on what we have. This shift should be from things on what we we lack, to things that we have.

You can either crib about the traffic and get into the mode of self created irritation or simply enjoy a game on your XBOX or mobile phone and appreciate your king size life which even the kings or the powerful and richest person would not get 50 years ago. Well, Hitler didn’t have a smartphone, but you have it.

Happiness depends on what you compare yourself with. Today, you have Internet at your fingers tip, you cannot just search about any disease, but also learn about so many things about your subject unlike your grandparents who had to literally drain themselves in a library perhaps in a different state or even a country to research and find things. Of course there were no youtube videos to guide them.

There are plenty of things that might make you feel.miserable, but then there are plenty of reasons to bounce back that can shift your focus from being sad to being happy. This shift of focus from negative to inspirational thoughts and appreciation is the difference between happy and not happy.

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