5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Forgive and Forget!

Forgive and Forget – The phrase is quite common – something that we have been listening all life long right from th day we started understanding things as kids. When our friends hurted, our parents said “Forgive and Forget”, when our lovers/spouse betrayed us, we consoled ourselves to forgive and forget. In office, too when somebody tried to push us , we tried to forgive and also forget things that affected us.

However, off late, we hear a lot of people endorsing the phrase – “Forgive But Never Forget!” Though it sounds great it has its own side effects which is why it is very necessary to “Forgive and also Forget” to lead a content life.

In today’s session of positive enlivening here we share –  Reasons Why You Should Forgive & Also Forget!


Forgive and Forget – It Takes You Away From All the Negativity

If you let things go and forget about the bad situations, you are out of all the negativity, evil thoughts and bad vibes. On the contrary, if you try to remember things by not letting it go, you’ll get trapped in the web of negativity which will bring darkness into your own life and nothing else.

It Will Make You Tension Free!

The best part of forgetting and forgiving is you are away from all the tensions since you have let things go on a positive note. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to sleep when you have fought with someone and how relaxed you are when you sleep by resolving all your issues even if it is about a small fight with your neighbour? Yes, forgiving and forgetting will always take you away from tensions as nothing bad can creep into your mind, and you’ll be at peace, always!

Happiness Is Around the Corner

A person who forgives and forget will always be happy unlike the person who thinks forgetting things would make him weak. Happiness and Bliss is in simple things. You’ll never seek happiness if you complicate things and think about aspects that might trouble you in future.

Forgiving and Forgetting Makes Your Life Easy

Leading a positive and fruitful life is something that we all crave. However, we often get jammed in the web of lies, deceit and other things. However, our prime goal in our lives should be our life rather than who comes and disrupts our life. If it ever happens, all you have to do is ignore and move on. Trust me, it is the best solution to everything in life. It definitely makes your life easy.

Forgive and Forget – You’ll Always Be at Peace!

Forgive and forget, then see the reaction of the other person, he/she too will eventually have the same feelings for you. The story of revenge will never move forward and even your so called friend/foe will once again turn cordial. Yes, it is that magical – Something that will always let you be at peace.

Try it and you won’t regret but simply experience the sheer bliss of positive energy in you. Do share your experiences on the same.

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