Law of Attraction Quotes – The Positive Thoughts On Life & Manifestation

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The Law of Attraction is a science which in simple terms signifies that what you think is what you attract. If you think positive you attract happiness and joy, if you have fear running in your mind, you attract stress and anxiety. In other words, you simply cannot expect love from others when you yourself have

Yes, you simply cannot expect love from others when you yourself have least consideration towards you. Here we share 10 Law of Attraction quotes that further illustrate the power of attraction.

Quotes on Laws of Attraction

Every action is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. Happiness attract happiness.


So, be happy and let the universe give you back what you wish for!

Law of Attraction Quotes


Quotes on Laws of Attraction

All you need to do is, imagine!


The Secret of Laws of Attraction

You are the master of your destiny. Only you have the power to change your reality.


Sayings on Laws of Attraction

Believe in your thoughts, trust yourself and have faith in your dreams…


Quotes about Law of Attraction

If you think, you definitely can acquire and achieve


Law of Attraction Quotes

You’ll attract everything that runs in your mind – money, happiness, love. Al you have to do is think.


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Quotes on Law of Attraction

Size is nothing to the universe whether it is 1 billion or 1 trillion.


Quotes on Laws of Attraction

Focus on what you want, things you desire, rather than wasting your energy on what is obsolete. Everything is possible!


Quotes and Sayings on Law of Attraction

And finally, be a little considerate towards yourself, love yourself, take care and see how everything seems just so alright. Yes, you deserve all the love and happiness that flows in your life.


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The law of attraction is not just a process, it is a science that works just like a pressure cooker on a gas stove. All you have to do is think what you wish for without worrying about how.

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