5 Reasons Why We are Looking Forward to Seeing Anuj Kapadia in Anupamaa’s Life!

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Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) is a fresh air in Anupamaa’s life. She is divorced, struggling with her career advancements and have a lot of family issues on her mind. Besides, now that she never had anybody loving her for what she is (except her son Samar), it is indeed interesting to see Anuj Kapadia in Anupamaa’s life back again.

Now with his entry, we are looking forward to seeing these five changes in Anupamaa’s life –

Anuj Kapadia Will Try to Win Anupamaa’s Heart (And We Would Definitely Want That)

The viewers of the Anupamaa serial are really excited to see Anupamaa in a loving relationship where she is loved and even taken care of. Anuj not only loves Anupamaa but also respects her for what she is and how she is. In fact, he is her biggest admirer. It would be really interesting to see a mature love story brewing between them. Yes, Vanraj would be jealous but then let him be, he deserves nothing but Kavya (Madalsa Sharma).

Anupamaa Dance Academy Will Surely Have a Cheer Leader in the Form of Anuj Kapadia

Anuj is in love with Anupamaa’s dance and since the dance academy is not just Anupamaa’s dream but also her identity now, we are sure Anuj will indeed help her to make it big. No wonder, he has made an entry in her life at a time when she is not only vulnerable but is even somehow dependent on his company to purchase their karkhaana. We are sure Anuj will ensure everything is in his hand to boost both, Anupamaa’s career and her dance academy.

Anupamaa Will be Valued and Respected

People like Rakhi, Kavya, Paritosh, Vanraj and at times Paakhi stoop low to insult Anupamaa. Making fun of her education and humble background, they not only humiliate her but also demean her in every possible way. Now that Anuj Kapadia is Anupamaa’s friend, well-wisher and also lover not just Anupamaa’s family but even Rakhi will think twice before showing the attitude of her money. After all, Anuj is bigger than Rakhi.

Anuj Kapadia in Anupamaa’s Life means Love, Happiness, Success

Time and often Anupamaa has been insulted by her husband, family, and even kids. However, with a kind and powerful person being her admirer, things can be really different. It isn’t that Anupamaa needs Anuj to fight her battles but with him, by her side, it would be a beautiful journey especially now that we have already seen Kavya’s funny attitude towards Anuj, his money and fame.

 … And Even Second Wedding

With love, respect, happiness around Anupamaa’s life, one can even expect a second marriage for her. Life after all is about second chances and Anupamaa deserves a loving man like Anuj as her husband.

Anuj Kapadia in Anupamaa’s Life is indeed a blessing and we just hope his entry not just brighten up Anupamaa’s life but also increase the show’s intensity – inspiring hundreds of Indian women out there to relive their life once again when given a second chance.

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