Why Samar of Anupamaa Serial is the Son every Mom Deserves!

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Anupama serial from the start shows Anupamaa as the bechari bahu, maa and patni. However, it is good to see while nobody values her much, she has a confidant in her son Samar. No wonder, this maa beta jodi of Anupama and Samar of Anupamaa serial is rocking the Indian TV serial screens, after all, every maa deserves a son like Samar of Anupamaa serial – and here we tell you why

Samar not only Loves His Mother Anupamaa but also Understands Her Problem/Pain

Unlike Anupamaa’s other children Toshu and Pakhi, Samar is able to recognize his mother’s problems and pain. His love for ‘her’ is unconditional and doesn’t lessen with his whims and impulses. A slight trouble in Anupamaa’s life and Samar knows just by looking at his mother’s face.

Samar of Anupamaa Serial is a Motivator and Knows How to Encourage His Maa

Despite all the odds and hurdles, Samar never stops encouraging his mother. In fact, he is her biggest motivator. No wonder, what his father and grandmother have to comment about his mother, he keeps on cheering his mother and keeps her spirits high, always!

He is His Mother’s Greatest Strength and Support

Samar of Anupamaa serial can go to any extent to support his mother. Then whether it is giving his own father a piece of advice/warning or convincing his adamant grandmother or cautioning his own brother, Samar knows how to support his mother. No wonder, he is the greatest strength of his mother and knows how to stand tall for her in any and every situation.

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Samar Wants His Mother to Follow her Passion and Dreams

No matter how much ever we hate to hear, in an orthodox family it isn’t easy for a housewife to cross the boundary of her house to follow her passion and dreams. It is very difficult for them to take such a step or even think about it. However, if there are children like Samar who can vouch for their mother and help them to follow their passion, things would be much different for them.

He is Quite an Agyakaari Maama’s Boy & Is Proud of his Mother no matter what

Not many listen to their mothers if they are not so educated and/or modern. However, Samar in Anupamaa serial is different. He not only listens to his mother but also obeys her indefinitely. Besides, despite her mother’s lack of not knowing things, he is proud of her unconditionally.

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Samar of Anupamaa serial is quite a treat to watch specially to see him backing his not-so-confident mother. Nevertheless, he is the son that every mom deserves – What do you think?  

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