Anupamaa Serial: Will Vanraj Give Divorce to Anupamaa?

Will Vanraj Give Divorce to Anupamaa?
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The divorce track in serial Anupamaa is going on for quite some time now, and with actors diagnosed with Coronavirus, the entire plot got all the more stretched. However, with the divorce date coming closer – the question is, Will Vanraj Give Divorce to Anupamaa?

Nobody Wants Divorce Except Kavya

Although Vanraj didn’t love Anupamaa, he never really wanted a divorce. It was Kavya who pushed him and then of course he couldn’t combat Anupamaa’s self-respect that demanded a divorce.
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However, with the due date around the corner both Anupamaa and Vanraj are not so keen on the divorce just like the entire Shah Parivaar. Anupamaa should have been okay, but at this time she is quite emotional to leave her family behind and start afresh life ahead.

So, Will Vanraj Give Divorce to Anupamaa?

Well, going by the previous happenings, Vanraj and Anupamaa should mutually end this and get on with life. However, Vanraj wants Anupamaa in his life and even if he did love Kavya before doesn’t seem that he can continue loving her – given all her current nuisances. Besides, off late, he has been showing lot of interest when it comes to knowing and understanding Anupamaa.

So, Vanraj may try to push the divorce ahead and you never know Anupamaa too might not insist on divorce then. You know how TV serials work, right? No wonder, he is getting restless about the entire divorce issue, and is also somehow even reluctant to marry Kavya. No matter what the case is, we just hope that Anupamaa doesn’t adjust yet another time for her family instead of thinking about herself.

But then there is also a buzz that another man (perhaps Ram Kapoor) is all set to enter Anupamaa serial and fall for Anupamaa. Now will this rekindle Vanraj’s feelings for Anupamaa or not is something that we will have to wait and see.
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Also, whether the character comes before or after the divorce is something that we are unaware of.

What do you think – Will Vanraj Give Divorce to Anupamaa? Or he will try to stop it at all cost? Join the Fan Club and see what other fans have to say about it

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