Dave Thompson

Author and Film maker, Dave has been working some form of magic or another since he was a teenager, in the mid-1970s. He’s a verified psychic medium, as well as a Hypersigil creator. An accomplished photographer and writer, his screenplay “Trouble Enough” ranked in the “Top Ten Comedies” in the Screen Arts Foundation For Screenwriters Competition, 2002. Dave has worked as a production manager in both LA and Austin and has a broad knowledge of the industry and significant technical expertise. David also co-wrote and Directed the Furies Proof of Concept short, which premiered in the Big Easy International Film & Music Festival in New Orleans then in Europe at The Festival de Cannes. He is also the author of the Furies series, with two of three novels published, and one more on the way. He has used various forms of chaos magik to make him well respected as one of the best glamour photographers from the late 1990s. His work can be seen in museums from Mississippi to Berlin and Amsterdam.
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